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Wishmere is now on Steam Greenlight! We discuss the development of our upcoming Beta, and our newest character Spritz. We also showcase our TeamUp Combination.

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Update #9

Hello everyone! Today is a big day for us and Wishmere. Character announcements and Greenlight announcements and no sleep (kidding... I think). Lots of exciting stuff these past few days!

First off, Wishmere has hit Steam Greenlight! This is the first step in being able to release the game, and we hope to release it to Steam, along with other platforms that we've been eyeing. First, we have to pass Greenlight; then there are a lot of exciting things in line after that. You can check out the page at: Do cast a vote and share it with you friends if you can!


As for development, we've been working hard at adding all the Abilities and working on balance and the stage development. The game is now at a stage where it can be released as a beta! If all goes well, it should be very soon. We've also finalized our first TeamUp Combination! We hope it scores high on the wow-factor as its one of our favorite features. The quivering dynamic lighting on the beam was a lot of fun to get done, due to its 'shakiness'.


And finally, we've announced our fourth playable character: Spritz. Spritz is a lumbering giant who is turned into a robot and has the ability to cast forcefields and use telekinesis to defend himself (and his teammates) from enemy attacks; and also can be used to attack enemies. He's a little weak on the melee side of things, but has tons of tricks to get by and do some damage.

So, do check out our Steam Greenlight page for Wishmere and cast a vote. We're really excited to get the game out and hear everyone's feedback; but first: Greenlight! Thanks everyone.

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