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New neutral NPC faction, Vanguard Patrolman and other changes.

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More than a year ago, we've announced three new neutral NPC factions - Traders, Miners, and Smugglers. And as Miners are already available in Starfall Tactics, the time has come to add another faction - Traders.

Traders, Checkpoints and Gateways

In general, Traders are not the faction in common sense - they are just some guys from colonies on neutral planets who's primary occupation is buying and selling all types of goods across the known Galaxy. So their bases are far from faction or pirate stations as their primary goal is to be a safe marketplace for all types of peaceful traders and customers. Traders stations can be found across the Galaxy - where you can buy goods and complete special tasks. Their fleets consist mostly of big freighters (including Charon) with huge cargo bays and some effective weapons to defend against pirates. And, well, you, of course, can easily identify trader ships.

Traders are busy with transporting resources from one inhabited planet to another and selling various goods - you can meet them both inside the Inner Circle, on faction territories, and in Outer Regions. You will probably want to destroy their fleets and get all the cargo for yourself...but don't hurry too much: there is a huge chance to earn great rewards for saving traders from pirates.

Mothership menu

Among these changes, there is one very important thing we must mention here: we are getting back our smaller warp gates which were previously used as warp beacons, but, after several tests, lost their functions. Now they are called Gateways and take all functions of checkpoints and let you warp between existing gateways. Here is more information about all related things:

  • Warp function is not available on neutral inhabited planets and Motherships anymore, but all starting systems still have a gateway and Motherships
  • You don't need to choose Mothership when you deploy on Galaxy map.
  • If you correctly end a session by docking to Shipyard on the Mothership, next time you automatically deploy on the same Mothership.
  • Gateways can be found both in Inner Circle and in Outer regions, randomly distributed among all star systems.
  • Gateways in Outer Regions require IGC for warp, while on faction territories they will be free to use. Note that you can't warp to enemy territories.

Gateway menu

Vanguard Patrolman

In a previous article we've presented you the first patrolman, which belongs to Eclipse faction. This time we are ready to show you Vanguard patrolman:

Not actual in-game portrait. Can be changed further.

These guys will always follow protocol at all cost and respect statute - outlaws can never escape from their watchful eyes and no money will purge the guilt if you were caught by a Vanguard patrol.

Looking for more information about new faction and ready to see Deprived patrolman? Check weekly news next week!

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