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The Friday is here with all the great news about Starfall Tactics development!

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The Friday is here with all the great news about Starfall Tactics development - make yourself comfortable and read all the fresh info about upcoming changes:

Free Traders Ships

Free Traders use all types of freighters as their ships to both transport goods and defend against pirates - Eclipse battleships, battlecruiser-type freighters, Vanguard modifications and even peculiar Deprived ships:

Although Free Traders can defend against some threats, they are definitely not warriors who can stand against the stronger fleet. Their fleets will try to escape battles in all possible ways - and, well, since their ships are well-protected, it gives them a real chance to get out of the battles without sufficient damage. So, if you want to catch these guys - get some engine-disabling modules, kinetic walls or bring a couple of outlaws with you ;)

Strike Back

How will you react if someone constantly attacks your territories and fleets? Most likely, you will gather a group of Commanders and strike back to let them know that no one can destroy your fleets with impunity. And, logically, that's what all Pirate factions must do - so we've implemented a new system, which allows them to strike back the most active and bold pirate hunters.

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Deprived Commander hunting down pirates in Outer Regions.

How does it all work?

  • When you destroy a pirate fleet, their base gets an incident report and puts you on the list of potential threats. Note that pirate fleets can belong to different bases and..well, pirates from different bases don't care about each other too much.
  • The more reports contain your name as Commander - the more chances that pirates will pay special attention to you and decide to allocate forces to destroy an annoying enemy fleet.
  • However, if you haven't destroyed pirate fleets long enough, they will decide to don't waste their time on you.
  • So, once you destroy too many fleets and get their "special" attention - a punishing fleet is sent to eliminate you. However, their behavior depends a lot on the concrete band: if Screechers want to immediately destroy you, Nebulords can give you a chance to leave their territories in exchange for all items your ship contain.
  • If you destroy the first punishing fleet and continue hunting down pirates from the same base, they become even angrier and send a much stronger fleet to eliminate you. But if you survive even this attack (although it's already stronger than usual fleet on the current Warp Anomaly level), they prepare a special expedition which contains a very powerful Boss-ship and will, most likely, eliminate you. Just in case you (somehow) destroyed this Boss, they decide that you are too strong for them and will lay low.

This new system brings even more life into Starfall Tactics Galaxy and lets you feel the weight of your actions by seeing a real reaction to your actions from NPC factions. We will continue to work in this direction - check out next news articles to get more information!

P.Y.R.A.M.Y.D. Bosses

Along with all the other great things we are going to add to our Pirate factions, there are certain plans concerning their bosses:

We plan to add some faction-specific bosses with time, give them new abilities and, in general, make them an interesting challenge for you. And while our game designers and programmer are busy with preparing things and working on other features, our 3D modelers create skins for already existing pirate bosses:

And that's not all the great things - check out weekly news and our social pages for more!

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