Post news RSS Winter is coming... In the meantime, our huge robotic giants have not had time to rust, I will share

Winter is coming... In the meantime, our huge robotic giants have not had time to rust, I will share with you the result.

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leonardo osnova

This art was created using a neural network

Added new base compartments: meeting room, museum, workshop. Gradually, the shelter of our hero acquires comfort and greater functionality.

The visual cherry on the rolled armor is, of course, the new bosses. But sometimes with the addition of new units there are difficulties.

idle1 gif

This leads to the emergence of new mechanics. For example: the rebirth of a unit after destruction, or the appearance of a new unit on the battlefield. Most bosses have unique (within a given game) features, so adding each one requires some effort.

death fin idle gif 1

A lot of attention is paid to the training mode. Purpose: to make learning more intelligible and addictive. Ideally, make sure that the player does not notice that this is an introduction to the game. Difficulties arise regularly, because sometimes it’s hard to put yourself in the place of a beginner and look at the game through the eyes of a new user,
many "learning steps" have to be done privately.

Some were hooked by the art of Baba Yaga ala Bobb Fett. This made me smile a lot, but until the moment they wrote to me about it, I did not put an analogy for anyone. The current look of Baba Yaga turned out to combine its essence and roboticity within the game.

attack fin 1 gif gif 2

Mysterious golden dragon. What is he? At the moment, this is only a demonstration of the visual, which may be improved and finalized. A new build will be released very soon, which will contain many fixes. And I really need your feedback and opinion.

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