Post news RSS Why the current gundam will not run in the current build of spring.

Currently gundam is not going to show up in the spring engine. I am going to detail why so you guy can understand what is going on and what is being done. Not a crisis so don't panic, read the news article.

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Before you freak, a fix has already been worked on and exists but it requires a whole new release more details further in the post.

So whats goin on Smoth?

As of the current build of spring 0.82.3 they removed internal support for the following:

1) start unit spawning
- - - Start unit spawning is what allows you to have a starting unit.

2) Support for modinfo.tdf (modinfo.lua is the new alternative)
- - - mod(ule)info.tdf is what tells spring gundam's version number, name,
etc, it is kinda the identifying file for the engine to know gundam
is a project and not a resource archive.

3) Removal of AllowUnsafeChanges (everything will be allowed by default now)
- - - AllowUnsafeChanges is code that is needed for some changes that once caused potential instability and those issues have been resolved(we hope).

So because spring cannot see the current release you will not see gundam in your spring listing if you updated to 82.1 or greater. Now this does not really mean a big deal as far a code fixes but does mean a big deal because I will be forced to make an early release(as mentioned in the video blogs)

Where have you been and why isn't the fix it out?

I was under the impression that the engine release was going to be last Sunday and was pretty close to done with the maps but there were many issues that were not my fault so I lost days to tracking those engine issues down along with issues that belonged to code I was adding from the spring community. I went to Quakecon (which was a horrible failure) and have been looking for a new job so most of this week so that is where I have been.

I am taking a break from working on getting a fix out to make this news post so you guys know what is going on.

So what is the status of the fix release?

This is in the works, the main reason I was pushing to ready the maps is because at the very least you guys will get a 1.26 release, I will have to strip out some features(jumpjets, special abilities, morphing) and I cannot promise that 1.26 will be balance. In fact 1.3 was going to be the biggest release to date but it has another 2 months left and then testing. so I will strip off features in the interest of stability and making sure you guys have a playable version :).

This you will see in the fix:

  • New maps
  • New models (all the ones I have been posting)
  • Some new effects (lups seems stable)
  • A few new units
  • The new damage system
  • Mild imbalance as the new units have not been tested as much as I would like and the damage system may require tweaking.

I am hoping(baring any IRL hang ups) to get it ready for next week some time. I am sorry for the delay but that is where we are.


Sorry to hear about Quake con but thanks for the info.

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ya srry to hear about ur job stats n its worth the wat keep it up smoth n prays for ur job

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