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Most NFT projects today are scams, yet NFTs have a great potential for real world applications, such as preventing counterfeiting in trading card games.

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Legends of Uzarn is the worlds first NFT trading card game. Now before you dismiss this article as another crypto scam, hear me out. A NFT is simply a piece of data written to a public blockchain, that anyone can view and audit. Currently, this tech has only been used to sell jpeg images to "a greater fool", but what if we could use this tech for an actual problem? So we decided to create the worlds first NFT trading card game and publish it. This uses bitcoin to track all copies of cards to prevent counterfeiting and prove that only X number of any particular card has ever been printed. This is great news for card collectors knowing that their collection will only ever appreciate in value. This is how trading card games should be.


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Cool. Destroying the environment for a trading card video game security.

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lvl0 Author

co2 good

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Hazzardevil Online

He says at his computer.
And people never get upset over the electricity used by Wall Street.

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So it's another scam?

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