here for quake 1 and doom 2 maps and mods.

I like GZDoom and PRBoom+ and Quakespasm and Mark V.
I don't like crazy overpowered mods or Brutal Doom. the few addon mods I like are Lithium and Trailblazer (training wheels for slaughtermaps), the Strange Aeons weapons mod, the Embers of Armageddon and similar Doom 4 total conversions (Slayer's Testament for Quake, too)

imo these enhancements are required for GZDoom:
forum_zdoom_org/viewtopic_php?f=46&t=64299 Brightmaps plus forum_zdoom_org/viewtopic_php?t=32628 PerKristians's smooth weapons enhanced
www_doomworld_com/forum/topic/58879-the-hi-res-doom-sound-pack-is-updated/ PerKristians's HQ sound effects update
forum_zdoom_org/viewtopic_php?f=19&t=36713 Sprite Fixing Project, also includes many good sprite fixes for community made pwads.

there's also the Beautiful Doom and Smooth Doom but these ones i've listed don't change the game's appearance too drastically.

i personally dislike anyone who makes doom levels or mods. not a joke.

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Love the user name, hadn't thought of SotE in ages.

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wampa-stompa Creator

i believe someone should make an Arkham Doom. there's already the well known and revered Batman Doom, but perhaps there could be a super slick modern Arkham Doom, replete with high res textures, colored lights, and the grappling hook to go onto ledges and "glory kill" enemies a la the Embers of Armageddon mod.

if anyone else is willing to start this up, it could be fun. would be a 2+ year long project though.

also interested in making a first person Dig Dug TC for Doom. only weapon would be the air pump, all the same Dig Dug gameplay rules apply. levels could be dug through the same way Hocus Doom has its secret pathways. not sure how to get enemies to float through the walls though.

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