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Happy Holidays Eastern Front Fans! We have some news from the front!!!

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Today we shall unveil a feature of the upcoming 1.30 patch (formerly known as 1.24)...

The Royal Marines Commandos

Marines Commando Squad

M10 Achilles

Marine Sappers

SAS Raiders

As you might know, every faction has two EF reward units, except for PE and Brits who have one each. You'll also know that EF Team applied some ideas from experts at to improve balance. However, it would seem that the British need more than just balance changes, they are broken from the roots up.

When I said " need more than just balance changes" I meant that trying to modify the Commonwealth to find balance and, finally, extensive player interest, would require extensive changes; a complete rebuild from their current situation, almost totally replacing Relic's original Army, a policy which EF has always been against.

So, we have a surprise for you!
We give you an "additional" British faction, this time with improved faction design - giving players more of what they enjoy from vanilla sides; while holding true to Commonwealth uniqueness!

The Royal Marines Commandos Brigade

All Changes to the Commonwealth faction are togglable through a single optional Reward "unit".

Teching Changes
Buildings can now be built at any time; they do not require an officer anymore. Also, you acquire all units from all buildings without the need of an officer.

Truck lock down sectors, but do not gain additional resources unless an upgrade is researched.

HQ truck
Units available: Marines Commando Squad, Lieutenant, Marine Sapper.

New Building added to the tech tree.
SAS Forward Command
- Like an HQ glider but can only land on friendly territory.
- Cost: 220 manpower 45 fuel.
- Units available: Bren Carrier, SAS Raiders, SAS Recon Jeeps, SAS Light Support Jeeps.

Field Support truck
- Cost: 385 manpower 95 fuel.
- Units available: Staghound, Captain, Achilles.

Armour Command Truck
- Cost: 605 manpower 145 fuel.
- Units available: Cromwell Tank, Cromwell Command Tank, Comet Tank.

New Units

Marines Commando Squad:
- Regular infantry section with normal movement but unable to make trenches.
- Cost lowered to 375 manpower.
- Reinforce cost percentage increased.
- Recon element now:
- - Camouflage when in cover like PE Falls.
- - Sharpshooter ability remains.
- - Increased Accuracy.
- - Decreased Cooldown.
- - Increased Capture Rate.
- - Reduces health by 5hp per man
- Recon Element cost increased from 35 munitions to 50 munitions.

Marine Engineers:
- Regular sapper squad with normal movement but unable to build trenches.
- Other defenses become available for construction when the Captain has been deployed.

SAS Raiders:
- Basically 4 Tommies with 3 Thompsons and 1 PIAT.
- Fast capping speed and cost 375 manpower.

SAS Recon Jeeps:
- 2 Jeeps in a squad (1 with .50 cal).
- Cost 450 manpower.
- They have -30% received accuracy as standard.
- Can detect as normal jeeps.

SAS Light Support Jeeps:
- 2 Jeeps in a squad. Armed with recoilless rifles.
- Cost 350 manpower 20 fuel.
- Cannot detect.

Achilles TD:
- M10 with long range, 17pdr gun.
- Cost 380 manpower 75 fuel.

Veterancy Change

The lieutenants bonuses is not stackable.

Starting Resources Change

Commonwealth starting resources lowered from 460 manpower, 15 fuel, 25 munitions to 375 manpower, 15 fuel, 0 munitions.

Remember to vote for EF in ModDB Mod of the Year Award!!

blitzfire5 - - 164 comments

ok question, wat if only one of the jeeps are destroyed, can u reinforce it? or is it just dead?
nice update btw

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Rizz@EasternFront - - 201 comments

No reinforcements at this moment.

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blahblah965 - - 342 comments

brits on eastern front?

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P3ACE753 - - 651 comments

Yeah thats what I thought. The Eastern Front was a battle of the masses compared to the more "sneaky" Western Front where they used a lot of spies, commandos, paratroopers, radio-com interceptions, resource-denial, secret message decryption, fake divisions, advanced weaponry etc.

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h455566hh - - 46 comments



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jetblackhks - - 131 comments

What an unexpected surprise! It seems a bit abnormal but I guess I just haven't played it yet. I know you guys know your **** though so I'm going to trust that it's dope.

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OmeG - - 816 comments

I believe they wanted the Brits to compete on the same level as the other army types, I don't think they meant that Brits were in major play along the eastern front. Even then, this surprise is well received and welcomed to the CoH franchise.

Since this is the only current modding team that has introduced a totally new faction to the franchise. I believe they would do well adding an Italian faction to the European scene. Which could then join/collaborate with the Asian mods that are going on with Japan & China. Giving all of us the chance to experience a true World War II experience.

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BrutalCuecumber - - 100 comments

didnt see this 1 comming, cant wait to try it out tho.

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Maltix - - 68 comments

Hmm... nice.
This would improve the brits.
But would be nice to see you finish Ostheer first.

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D3@DM4N - - 854 comments

regardless nice update guys!

Reply Good karma Bad karma+1 vote
AirborneSn1p3r - - 3,137 comments

the m10 looks awsome

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deathteam15 - - 1,603 comments

hearing about this has made up the decision in my head to move from the Blitzkrig this mod!!! BUT, only if you answer two questions: Does this mod have extended company command trees? (more than 2 rows, preferablly 4 as in the blitzkrieg mod), and does this mod include increased realism? Thanks. :)

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Xantor - - 43 comments

It's just like vanilla Company of Heroes with new factions, new reward units and better balance. So there is 2 rows with 3 skills each in doctrines and realism is about vCoH level.

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Yanivvv - - 483 comments

no addition to tech tree for now(as much as i remember)
and not that much improved reality-it just adds the soviet faction,later the ohsteer(not sure about the name) and as you can see a overhould british faction

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ramagon - - 2,160 comments

Okay, i love it, but i want to ask, will the firefly be available as a rewards unit for the later moment?

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Revo1uzzer - - 347 comments

It is a normal unit for normal brits but not as a reward unit for royal marine commandos...

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