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White Night, an 'Amnesia: The Dark Descent' mod, has been reached a stage to release a debut trailer!

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Hi all,
Now that I'm working for weeks on this mod, I've been reached a stage that I can gladly release a debut trailer to show you how it is now.

Like the mod itself, making a trailer was the first in my life. It took my whole day just to put this short video. Hardest part of it was to prevent anything to be spoiled; but I guess I managed that. Nevertheless, this time video couldn't be as exciting as I was planning. Well, I hope you like it; and I need some criticism for my future works. Maybe for launch trailer?

What is the current status?

First level is almost done. I have two other levels and one outside level in process too. That counts four. I have three other levels in mind, then all counts seven. But will it be longer than ten minutes? If you want to understand the story and take the pleasure of levels, yes it will.

I still haven't finished the scenario scripting yet. Overall plot is ready, but notes and dialogs still need lots of work. I'll send first level a couple of friends to take their feedback; so sorry, no public demo will be out.
Also, release date is "when it is done" as mentioned in the trailer.

By the way, Dead Space 2 is about to be released here, so I might cut the work for a few days to go Sprawl. That doesn't mean I won't work on this mod again. Just a little break for me. I'm still a noob to use my creativity as it can clearly be seen on trailer.

Have a nice day!

Koen_roeje - - 450 comments

you've done a great job of making those levels and stuff this fast. and already having a trailer. that's just awesome :D

and be sure to come back alive from the dead space :P

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Tanshaydar Author
Tanshaydar - - 489 comments

Ok, I'm back now. However, I have 83 models/objects/textures converted from Penumbra games to use and I'm working on re-construction on my first levels. I'll take a while to work with the new design.

Good thing is now that I have two fluorescent models and levels will look more realistic.

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