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TL;DR: Development has halted, but if you guys actually want this to become a thing I'll work on it more! Read for more info.

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Welp. I forgot about this.

Between working on Ricochet Evolved / Velocity Brawl (the sourcemod, not the unity version), another HL2 beta mod I already forgot the name of, Open Fortress, and a bunch of other Garry's Mod shit, this completely fell off my to-do list.

Honestly, I wasn't sure where exactly to go with it and if I could continue making it just by myself. So as of now, Skirmish's development has been postponed. But that could change.

Now, I have three more years of experience working in the Source engine, a Computer Science minor in my nearish future, and... a new me, I guess.

It seems like people actually cared about this in the years since I've forgotten about it, so I leave the fate of this mod to you.

Do you want this to be a thing?

Here's some big ideas I've got planned:

  • A classic COD-like loadout system that lets players choose what playstyle suits them and what tools the tool needs.
  • TDM, Control Points, Attack/Defence, plus unique gamemodes based on the HL2 universe, with some references to Portal thrown in there for good measure.
  • A beta-tinged and somewhat-stylized art style that brings out some of HL2's darker and cyberpunk-esque themes while also using those themes to help influence the gameplay.
    And finally...
  • Absolutely no fucking Gordon Freeman. Not even in passing. The closest you'll get to Gordon is probably a crowbar. This is a tale of the Rebels vs Combine. We've already got lots of mods attempting to tell stories about Gordon. We need more mods telling the stories of everyday people in this world. And even though I don't plan on making a singleplayer part to this any time soon, I want to bring those sorts of stories to the spotlight again.

I've also got a few other mods in my head and somewhat in my computer, like a survival horror mod set in Ravenholm or The Citizen but Actually Mechanically Interesting or Ricochet Evolved / Velocity Brawl but Actually Fully Developed and Not Handicapped by A Guy Not Knowing How To Spend $80 (who I just referenced, if you're reading this, no shade, you're doing fine, keep working on your dreams, I believe in you! and also please allow me to continue the work you started arigathanks gozaimuch). But that all depends on you guys.

If you want this (or any of the ideas I just mentioned) to become a reality, tell me in the comments! If you want to help make it a reality, hit me up in PM's with the work you've done. If I decide to full-send this, I'll send you my Discord so we can fucking go. Why not just put my discord here? You can probably guess.

So yeah, thank you so much for your support over these years! I hope I can talk to you again. See you later!


"Now, I have three more years of experience working in the Source engine, a Computer Science minor in my nearish future, and... a new me, I guess."

First off hell yeah good for you :D and as for future ideas go small scale even with the more experience with the engine start small then grow it.

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Hell yeah I'd love to see this go somewhere! I agree that there's not enough gordenless half life 2 stuff out there and a cod style shooter in this universe could be really cool.

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