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Quick update on where we are now, and what's happening on my end.

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Quick update on where we are now, and what's happening on my end.

Hi !

I've been pretty quiet lately. That's because I've been tending to my actual working life. Unfortunately because of this, I haven't had as much time as I would have liked to work on the E:Z bugs and such over the last month or so.

I'm not going to be doing the deployments for a while as something else is now occupying that space. I know that this may disappoint some of you and I'm sorry. I want to be as transparent as possible with you regarding development - even if there is bad news. I know that some of you will be excited when you hear about my plans.

I have received a lot of fan mail over the last two months - a disproportionate amount compared to the months before - thank you very much for your support. Some of you have offered to donate to me which is wonderful but in terms of E:Z, I don't want to accept any money.


Soon I will be starting a new project within this realm. I will be accepting donations for this new project and am in the process of setting up (on recommendation from some of you) a Patreon page for it - but the ultimate product will be free just like E:Z.

When I am ready I will be posting an announcement of this new project to gauge your thoughts. This is still something I will be doing in the interest of my own writing and ideas, but I want to be transparent again with the community regarding its development.

I have a very clear idea of what I want to do next - but I am not going to be so quick as to ignore your ideas. Share with me your thoughts in the comment section and I will consider them.

I think we're just over 25,000 players with E:Z now (I haven't checked it for a few days). The reception overall has retained its positive majority. Not bad for two years hard work, and I'm very glad that new players are still enjoying the mod every day.

Check in with me soon for more information on my new project.


WOW! This sounds interesting! Looking forward to this new project.

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Waiting for Update 3.0 )

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