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You may be wondering where Operation: Chernobyl is. We will explain this to you in this article.

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This exact day 32 years ago marks the day the Chernobyl nuclear reactor went down. Today also marks the day "Operation: Chernobyl" was meant to be released. In a long, confusing and complicated story short. The game is not done. Multiple script changes that added new mechanics to the game have slowed the progress of this mod, but it's for the better. I guarantee the game you will get, will be much better than any version of "Operation: Chernobyl" you could've received today. Alas, words are mere words and apologies only go so far. So to compensate for the disappointment we have bestowed on you today we are giving you an apology pack.

The first Item in this pack is the Operation Chernobyl Poster! Operation: Chernobyl Poster

(A Promotional Poster Drawn by Lead Concept Artist - Speqtrum)

Feel free to print this out and hang it on your wall (I know I have). For our second and final item in the Apology pack we have "The Chernobyl File"; A CIA file that documents the last known recordings of an unknown captain reporting strange events (But be careful, The CIA might hunt you down after reading this).

Dear Eagerly Waiting Source Enthusiasts:

We love the support you have given the Spindle Team! Please wait just a while longer for this mod to come out, stay eager my friends, you won't regret it.

- Benny

(You can download the Apology pack in the files section)

Blue199 - - 6,973 comments

It was 32 years ago, not 22.

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Speqtrum - - 5 comments

Thanks for the notice! xD

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Aynekko - - 652 comments

Release it at least. So many mods nowadays just spending time in development for years and then "oops, we are closed". Don't do that. I have no problem if you release it later.

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Guest - - 688,858 comments

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MasonKW - - 2 comments

sooo. 26 April 1986 was the day of the Chernobyl disaster. and its been over a year and 3 months since the apology.

i hope this is still released. even if not finished. if you can finish it, atleast let the community sow what you seed to us.

ik it might just not be canceled but it might still be developing, but please. this ambition of yours is amazing.

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