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Information regarding whats going on right now, and supposed to be open test.

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Our main man was having some father&son time on mountains, and reasons unknown ended up in hospital for a day and is on morphine's. He got home but kinda missed everything related to the beta test that was supposed to start today. So we have to let him rest.

Sorry to inform you that the open beta test did not reach west, because lack of information and how situation was handled. There is no open test in sight today, we were expecting this but would have been nice to receive some information so we don't leave international RoH hanging. But looks like we have to.

The servers are open indeed, people are playing. But only in Russia right now. We have to rebuild some communication, we clearly can't let 1 man to handle all the responsibility. Wait till morning, couple days. Or even a week or so, the beta is just going to pop up as an update at some point.

Our team structure right now is around 8 person on international team, and many more on Russian team. And only 1 man changing information between the teams. Because Russian team lacks communication and interest on international team we need to approach them instead blindly trust "everything is going to be just fine"

So we are fixing our communication while RoH team is doing what they do best, code shit out of that engine and make some servers roll. Hopefully all of us get to play soon.

Again, sorry for 2nd missed dead line. Zone has claimed another date.

pierow - - 1 comments

Any updates? Anything?

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brute_slayer - - 20 comments

We will wait here, we ain't going anywhere.I wish good luck to the main man and i hope he gets well soon, and good luck to the team who is making this awesome mod.

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kazumo - - 1,174 comments

Just as I said in the other update, you're doing a great job, don't rush the game, delay it until you're comfortable with the result!

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gasman212 - - 15 comments

im pretty sure everyone who comes here for their stalker mods is used to a little waiting. misery got delayed a few times.
Totaly worth the wait when the reward is this friggin cool.

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mp5lng - - 7,996 comments

It's all fine here, postponed release dates are a must for any modder and developer, pushing yourself to release something may get you into deep troubles, we'll be waiting for the english version to come out :D

Is that a Ruger-556 in the image ?

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mrsgaap1 - - 382 comments

i have time good luck whit it

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Mr_Hamfi - - 1,357 comments

Good luck :)

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Guest - - 696,251 comments

It's OK. I wish that man get well soon. In the meanwhile I guess we'll just have to play that 'encrypted' version :).

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bloodshot12 - - 264 comments

So just to make sure I'm analyzing this right, the next test with AI and other features is going well, and it's just the international version we are currently awaiting? The Russian version is doing ok?

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Ray-Of-Hope Author
Ray-Of-Hope - - 726 comments

Yeah, that's about it.

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nMiiller - - 7 comments

So Russians have open access to the game? Or who is currently playing and how can new players get access?

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