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This article is to give you an Idea of where we are in the mod production as of the moment.

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First of all I'd like to say that the best place to catch updates and information is through our discord:

The mod in it's current state is far behind where it was on it's previous iteration. This is the third generation of the mod, however despite this it's feeling more complete than before. There are 4 main kingdoms in the mod world with 4 minor ones. These kingdoms are as follows:


  • The Alantian Empire - One of the two core factions. A lot of the official story follows this kingdom and it's royal house. This kingdom is embroiled in a civil war with it's sister kingdom of Rackilion.
  • The Phynecian Dominion - The second of the two core factions. Although the official story doesn't follow them as much their arrival to the continent was the main cause for all the events.
  • Cyanthia - A kingdom of Warlords and Queens they are ruled by a High Queen chosen from the two royal clans of their people. Women are dominate in this kingdoms culture and are held in high regard.
  • The Handrian Confederation - A collective of 5 separate major cultures. This kingdom is the polar opposite of Cyanthia as a whole though there are some exceptions such as their current king.


  • The Kingdom of Rackilion - The sister Kingdom of The Alantian Empire. This kingdom started the civil war that it is now slowly losing.
  • The Kingdom of Delibor - The lone dwarvish kingdom on the continent. Delibor is strong in its military but is a very small kingdom consisting of a single keep and a gateway guarding the entrance to the mountain pass.
  • The Isle of Krata - The inhabitants of the Isle are among the last of the native people of the mainland continent. The isle has one city and a ruin. The city holds the majority of their military strength while the ruins are inhabited by barbaric tribesmen.
  • The Island of Nacariam - Like Krata the inhabitants of this Island are among the last of the native people. They fled to the Island when Phynecia arrived believing it to be fertile, but found it lacking. They have turned to a dark path becoming cannibalistic.

With the recent version of the mod four of the kingdoms namely : The Alantian Empire, The Phynecian Dominion, The Kingdom of Rackilion and The Kingdom of Delibor are included but not finalised. As the mod continues to progress they will be improved and refined.

I hope that this small article will start to wet your appetite for what is to come.

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