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Before answering to that question, I would like to explain a few things. For indie developers like us, the steam early access is really important. We are aware that our game is not really made for early access; It’s not multiplayer, it’s a game with little capacity for replayability (Although we are working on it), and creating a community about the game is complicated. Being realistic, the early access will not have very successful sales.

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How are we going to release the game?
We are going to divide the game by levels. On early access we will start with the first 2 or 3 levels at the beginning, then we will ad a level every 2 weeks.
This way we have a better control over the user’s feedback, and the user will have a motivation to keep playing every 2 weeks.
During the entire early access, we will keep fixing bugs and keeping the feedback with the community.

When will the game be released on early access?
We want the game to be very polished before we release it on early access. We will use early access to fix the bugs we did not see.
Therefore, I venture to say that The Crow’s Eye will come out on early access in April 2016
From there we will release one level every 2 weeks (If we can reduce it down to 1 week, the better), we will dedicate all the time on early access to fix bugs, and we will not go out of early access until the game is 100% free of bugs.
We believe that because of our condition, this is the best way to launch the game.

If you have any comments or suggestions, please let us know, we will be pleased to answer.

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