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First article. Just a simple hello and introduction to my mod! :D

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At long last, I am ready to share this mod with you guys and the world!

I am excited to announce the official public release of Embers Of Armageddon: a 2016-to-Doom partial conversion that attempts to faithfully recreate the weapons, items, combat mechanics, and upgrade systems of DOOM (2016) in GZDoom!

Originally intended to be a proof-of-concept to recreate various challenges, upgrade effects, and upgrade systems of DOOM (2016), it became its very own fleshed out partial-conversion. Over the past few years, ever since DOOM (2016) was released, I had been carefully observing behaviors for the weapons, items, combat mechanics, and upgrade systems of DOOM (2016). I saw that others decided to make their own DOOM demakes, only to add many of their own liberties and critiques on the game itself to their mods. I held that it was not only possible to faithfully recreate these aspects in a sourceport engine, but it would actually work and work well on its own.

And that was how the project was born! :D

I'm indebted to various members hailing from all walks of the Doom modding community. Having showed others my project, many wanted to help with it in any way they could. I am blessed to have gathered such a wonderful team of fellow fans!

Special thanks to my Godsends:
- Strongbelly
- Bryina
- Abysswalker
- Clay
- Simploo
- ScrubHead
- BerserkerNoir
- Major Cooke
- iamcarrotmaster
... and hopefully more to come in the future!

Thanks especially to the team over at id Software, who gave us such an awesome game! :D

Also a shoutout to my various private alpha and public beta testers for helping me to improve the mod even to this day!

With that said... sit back, relax, and enjoy the mod! ;)

All credits are listed in CREDITS.txt, in the .pk3 file. If any are missing, please let me know as soon as possible, so that I may remedy the error(s) as soon as possible.

Discord Server:

Link to the official Embers Of Armageddon Discord Server, to keep up with the latest updates!*

*Note: the Discord server keeps newcomers in a welcome room until they announce themselves, so that I or my moderators, having verified their humanity, can manually assign newcomers a role to grant them access to the rest of the Discord.


the crucible breaks my game. once I pull it out I can't switch to any weapons

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thats a problem with EOA eternal, witch is not developed by the EOA dev

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solo me pasa cuando saco el crisol y pongo la chainsaw

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