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The mod will now be done "when it's done", until then check

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I am still working hard on Uprise, though I have not posted many updates of late. I have been doing updates via my design blog (also marked as the official page). I will be updating that exclusively until the mod nears the final stages.

The mod will now be done "when it's done", I've expanded my scope slightly because I want to gain some more experience in things I lack, like 3d modeling, so I am now doing all of the custom assets in 3dsMax myself, this takes time away from design and scripting, but I think in the end it will be worth it.

I just went to the location (Gooseberry State Park in Minnesota) where I am setting this and took some reference pictures. From there I am going to update the map to make it a true 1:1 scale and continue working on assets and scripts. After that I will be bringing in voice talent and putting one last polish stage (vegetation, decals, tod), and then release.

I don't know exactly when that will be and I don't want to keep giving dates that I cannot follow through on. In September I am moving to Hangzhou, China to study for at least 6 months. The plan is to finish Uprise and then use some areas around Hangzhou for my next level series.

But let me assure you the mod is not dead, it is steadily making progress, and it will be worth the wait.



Ah, sad to hear. I guess it won't get released tomorrow then :p
Good luck anyways, hope everything turns out well for ye'! ;)

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