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a list of reasons why v3 hasn't surfaced yet and why you're stuck downloading increments of v2. Also some other excuses.

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So we've been working behind the scenes to make Version 3 of this a reality. The only thing really holding us back is linux. That is to say no one on the team has the ability or can be arsed to built .so files for the project's v3 build since we altered some stuff that requires the shared library files to be rebuilt.

For those who have downloaded and played you'll notice typically there's only 2 servers, /v/intage fun and memesystem. Both of these server hosts run their set ups on linux boxes. And while you're no doubt disappointed to see them typically empty (people do play on them). The move to v3 changed enough under the hood that caused the short lived V3RC1 client to be pulled from moddb due to this issue.

The good news is, the longer this gets dragged on the longer we have to fix crap like the hills in payload. Which upward seems to use different logic than PLR pipeline, a map that has working hills. It also allowed us to fix things like soldier's missing shotgun taunt which is I'd say 75% done with the remaining 25% being simply the little fanfare and shotgun firing sound playing. V3 is also looking to improve the buggy yet impressive particles currently employed with newer ones based off the old particles used in 2007 TF2. The change mainly is towards the flamethrower which had a very obtrusive particle effect that really didn't fit with the hitbox of the weapon itself.

Another thing I want to address is no doubt people passing by may notice a lack of things like steam group, or a discord. These were heavily favored against not only by the devs, but by our original playerbase whose also helped with testing. The project's origins are partially the reason. We don't mind the mod picking up steam, but at the same time there is a reluctance as things like discord and steam lead to cliques, circlejerking, and generally egocentric behaviour we've avoided so far. On one hand these would be ideal for organizing game sessions, but on the other it would ultimately lead to stagnation and a cease of discussion on the project's origin putting a big hit to the game's growth. Another factor is sites like reddit, while good sources of spreading information are looked down upon and rightly so by the founding members of this mod. Reddit as a site isn't good for discussion as so much as content aggregation. Couple that with how the staff, administration and the userbase behaves by and large and you can see our refusal to even create an account there. We have also tried reaching out to popular "TF2bers" as they're supposedly called but none seem interested or have replied. Maybe the lack of hats scares them away.

For those supporting the mod thanks, for those passing by and those who have downloaded it show it to your friends. if the servers are empty get a few friends to join you. relive a TF2 that you may not have been part of or miss.

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