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You, are Jesse Enner; a Research Engineer aboard a vessel called Aurora, tasked with seeking new planets to colonize and develop. Explore the surface of an unknown planet, survive its harsh weather conditions and find a way home.

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Hello all,

If you've been following the Trello board for Prospect lately, you'll have noticed that I've spent a lot of time finalising features, ready for demo release. What began as a long list of things to create and implement has dwindled down to a few items, and this makes me happy.

Download for Windows now!

The alpha demo has one playable mode, Exploration. This is essentially a Survival game mode, there is no save/load feature as yet, so when you're dead; it's over.

So, what can we do in the demo? Well, quite a lot in the 60 minutes I've allocated. When you enter the landscape you're given a brief preface into the circumstance Jesse is in. You're told that you're stuck here and that you have two objectives; the first is that you must find a way to send a distress call off-world and the second is simply to survive. With this in mind, here's a list of things that you can do in the demo.

You can:

- Craft all items required to build the communication and power instruments.
- Place all deployable items once crafted.
- Link all of the above together to create a powered circuit.
- Find mineral deposits to mine, which will yield Metal Fragments so you can craft components.
- Explore the limited-scale (for now), randomly generated landscape and find a variety of objects.
- Use a drone to uncover parts of the map and interesting items and/or landmarks.
- Become immersed in a world that is ever evolving with each new update.


- WASD to Move.
- Tab to Toggle Inventory/Map/Crafting.
- Escape to Toggle Pause.
- F to Interact when prompted.
- Mouse to Look.

Things I'm thinking about implementing, based on user feedback:

- Introducing Jog/Run, which will increase resource consumption and movement speed.

I ask you to have a go and let me know what you think; whether a feature can be improved, suggestions on new features, or even bugs. There is still a lot to be done, but this is just the beginning.

Finally, some other news. Prospect will become available on Desura at some point in the near future, there are a few things I need to do to get it there, but with your support anything is possible.

Thanks for reading, lethal_d0se.


I had fun (downloaded this one first so I can see the changes in the next version).

I found the recon drone and started a search pattern using my map and the drone. I spent about half hour (lunch break) searching 8 map tiles. Found a bunch of stuff. Mostly just collected. Didn't try any crafting yet. I put a mining unit on a mineral deposit and linked it to my suit so I could see its status. It went red so I went and collected all the goods and re-activated it.

Good start. A nice core set of systems starting to work with each other. I enjoyed myself already and look forward to the next version.

Good luck!

Quick thought, maybe put the version number on the gameplay screen so when people make videos, it is obvious what version they're playing.

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udk_lethal_d0se Author


I'm glad you enjoyed your time playing the demo. Thank you for the feedback and suggestion.

(Sorry for the late reply, IndieDB doesn't seem to notify of comments).

- lethal_d0se

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