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I know it's been a while since I've posted anything at all about this mod.

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Hey everyone,

I know it's been a while since I've posted anything at all about this mod.

In all honesty I have been working on it but I don't know if anything will become of it. Main reason is because I have no knowledge of coding aside from some simple things that just won't do with what I had in mind for this. I do still work on mapping and animating for weapons and npc's but it's not enough if I don't have the whole mod working with it. I have had some help in the past with coding but they have other things going on so understandably they can't help me with it now.

But yeah I don't know what will be of any of this seeing as I don't really have anywhere to go coding wise.

It might just be the end. I will always continue to work on it but it may just never see any light.

This is a project I started about six or seven years ago. I had no idea what would really be of it and all the challenges that would have risen though obviously didn't think it would be easy.

That's about all I wanted to say.

Thanks to everyone who has supported and watched this mod all these years. Like I said it's not dead but don't hold your breath.


You could ask on the Steam Forums for Help.

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SleepingHollow Author

I have many times in the past and it has been lots of help, but when it comes to things like making game modes and such. It's much more difficult for someone on a forum to help vs having someone who can use the whole code and materials.

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I know what you mean, i tried to get help myself many, many times over the years. Problem is, HL2 and the episodes are simply to old by now. Most HL2 modders have moved on to newer games, engines etc. And, a lot of them are indie devs now. And the ones who still work with HL2 are working on there own projects. So, believe me, it is simply impossible by now to find a really good coders and or scripter, or riggers etc. And this will only get harder with each month that get passed.

So, i really do think you should look at your mod again and see what YOU can do. All the other things you simply have to take out. That is the only way you will be able to release this. I understand that that will probably mean trowing away at least 50% of what you had in mind. But better that then work on something that never will work and or will be released.
That is at least my opinion.
Good luck,


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