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We are glad to share with you what's coming next in the 0.92 patch.

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To begin with, we would like to say a big thank you to the community that plays our mod and who consistently give their all to make it even better ! (testers wink wink)

Changes in short from 0.91 to 0.92.

Installation changes:

First of all we will finally have an installer for Third Age : Reforged! Yay, less problems with installation process! So 0.92 will be a stand alone patch!

New factions and rebalancing for the old ones!

Two new factions likely to be included in the patch: Rhudaur and Lindon.

Rhudaur will be all about fearsome infantry with missile capabilities and most of them will have at least 1-2 missiles weaponry, such as throwing axes or javelins. Huge lack in cav, but great pikes and heavy infantry, some berserkers and good skirmishers!

Lindon: Coming soon!

Names change and total remake of Arnor and Free Peoples of Eriador.

Arnor will now become the Kingdom of Arthedain, while Eriador will be changed to Cardolan. So most of the units will be reskinned to conform with a Cardolan theme.

New Balancing:

Total rework of all cavalry and spearmen units. Spearmen are more effective against all types of cavalry.

Cavalry is now divided in 5 types. - Horsearchers: good speed, tons of armor and great against Wargs and unarmoured units. Short distance charge but low dmg in melee.

- Light Cavalry: great speed, good against light infantry, unarmoured archers and engines. Short distance charge, medium dmg in melee.

- Heavy Lancers: good speed, medium armor, good against various types of infantry if not in formation, unarmoured cavalry and archers (in melee), medium distance charge, good dmg in melee, fragile to constant arrow fire.

- Heavy Melee Cavalry: normal speed, great armor, good against most of the no ap cavalry and various types of infantry, archers. medium distance charge, good dmg in melee, will struggle against AP units.

- Heavy Knights: normal speed, insane armor, good against most of cavalry and various types of infantry, archers, and anyone unprepared to face them. Long distance charge, great dmg and insane charge, will struggle against anti-cavalry units like wargs, pikes, halberds or spearmen in melee. or AP units.

Wargs and their main purpose: Wargs are great anti-cav unit now, and will deal tons of dmg in prolonged melee to most of the cavalry units, except some elven cavalry. They have the Armor Piercing attribute, so be wary of them if you face them with heavy knights or lancers. They are pretty fragile to archers and especially horse archers.

Wargoats and their main purpose: Pretty average in cav vs cav fights, but insanely good at destroying enemies lines. Fragile to AP and prolonged melee.

Archer and Ranger changes:

Archers are way more fragile in melee against cavalry now but have more ammo in comparaison to 0.91. Most of the ap archers from 0.91 were removed, with a few notable exceptions like rare special units and bodyguards.

All rangers have body piercing attribute, so they can kill 1-3 soldiers in 1 hit!

Faction revisiting and balancing:

Most of the factions were redone in order to give them unique playstyles.

Trolls were made more unique. For example Snow Trolls are the fastest Trolls, while Olog-hai are the best armored, while Isengard Trolls are great against cavalry and will melt them in secs!

Reforged maps:

Rivendell, Cair Andros, Osgiliath, Edoras and Helm's Deep (fixed deployement zones yay!) More to come!

Small bugs fixes:

-Troll charges.

-UI fixes. You can now clearly see if a player is ready in multiplayer lobby or not!

These are just a few of the changes to come in .92. More detailed information will be provided later on near the end of the month!

Meanwhile you can join our DISCORD SERVER: where you can follow our work live and discuss everything related to the mod, find games or join the ongoing RP multiplayer campaign.

Also you are really liking our work and want to support us, you can donate to us here. The support is greatly appreciated and helps us dedicate more time to our work.:

Thanks to everyone to support us and see you on the battlefield!


Longobardo - - 701 comments

Looks amazing! You brought Third Age multiplayer back you life! Thanks for all your hard work KuroGuroChan and Dev Team!

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Guest - - 693,037 comments

thanks this is a amazing mod but miss campaign pls award campaign thanks sorry for my english

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AmoralDan24 - - 14 comments

When you add a single player campaign?????New patch fixing many problems of this mod.Thanks!!!

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Guest - - 693,037 comments

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Guest - - 693,037 comments

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Guest - - 693,037 comments

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