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WhatDa'Fuck Version 0.7 is now released and new features and fixes were made.

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WhatDa'Fuck Version 0.7 is now released for everyone to play. There has been a major update with this version. Most bugs and issues have been fixed. Also, new textures, enemies, items, and other things have been added to the game to make the game more entertaining and playable compared with the other versions. You can see more info at WhatDa'Fuck Version 0.7's File

Most importantly, The TOKE N' PLAY SERVER THAT YOU ARE ALL WAITING FOR IS FINALLY HERE TO PLAY ONLINE! All you have to do is download the latest version of Doom Explorer, and if you have it already then look up "Toke N' Play" until you find something like this

Remember to check out the WhatDa'Fuck's Soundtrack when you feel like listening to it when you are on the go or something like that.

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