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Now that the next major version is out there, i'd like to get user input on what to include next.

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Firstly I want to know how you feel about the current version, (0.4.8) more specifically I want to know if you like the more "slow" approach to game-play. By slow I mean the fact I have increased costs, and increased build times to make units of higher value. Would you prefer this to be partially reverted? (High costs but faster build times) or fully reverted? (Low costs and low build times)

FOC Enhancements

Secondly I would like to get an insight into what is high priority for now. The main points I feel may spring up are:

1. Re-implementing the Pirate faction.

A complete overhaul of the faction making it into a more generalized syndicate like the Black Sun, including Heroes, Units and Buildings.

2. Improving the Rebellion and Empire further, along with current features.

More new units, balancing more, making the factions stand out further, new Heroes. More planets, custom maps for all planets, balancing further, making sure the game is completely polished, new models for units to make them look more visually appealing.

3. Improving current features.

Overhauling ground combat to make it more challenging, more aesthetic, new units. Making the ground part of the mod stand out like space.

I would like to thank packy21 for providing help finding bugs and making suggestions, and Seamus9999 for joining the project as a coder.

I look forward to continued feedback and support.

As always comment on here, PM me or email me at


I love that you're asking the community, as well as the direction your taking. I think the thing I'd like to see the most would be diverse units, things like drop ships, specialty units (evo troopers, snipers, etc.). Things like that with their own niche, for example flame troopers would be resistant to the heat deacy on mustafar and other volcanic planets.

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