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Lethe is a single-player modification for Half-Life. New enemies, new allies, new weapons and new story.

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Scientists found a strange signal somewhere in the north. In attempts to find its source, they found mysterious buildings. They also found a strange capsule, which would soon be taken to the research base. Some scientists remained here to explore the architecture and technology of this place. Meanwhile, on the research base, scientists from the laboratory of innovative weapons created the first batch of robot soldiers.

What consequences will this lead to?



  • Maps - <20%
  • Models - ~60-70%
  • Voices - 0%
  • Code - >90%
  • Graphics - >40%
  • Story - >60%


  • New enemy and ally NPCs
  • New weapons
  • "Slow" bullets, ricochets
  • Subtitles
  • High quality sounds for some player's weapons by using fmod.dll
  • High quality decals
  • 3D skybox
  • Limited number of weapons you can carry
  • Several chapters, several protagonists
  • Bleeding
  • and those I forgot about...

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