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Article talking about the newest updates I've been making to the mod.

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Hello again, I come with another update to the mod! So over the past few weeks I've been working non-stop on the Ice Age section of the game and an underwater military base. I've been using some older FPS games from yesteryear to add a more dynamic feel to the mod. As I've said in previous articles, I don't want to just create another Half-Life mod. I want to make something that's a different experience all together. Here's a few pictures of what I've been working on the past few weeks!


20220911175747 1

20220911175820 1

20220911175133 1

20220911175230 1

A big thing for me is atmosphere, I like to populate my maps with as much ambience as possible, I've been experimenting with sound design over the past year and hope to implement it into the game at a later date. The ice age section of the game while not long, is definitely going to be a lot of work to make sure my vision comes to light the way I imagine it. There may be slow updates in the coming weeks but I don't want to make articles when I don't have much to say. Only thing I can comment on at the moment is that development is going really well.

As stated previously, I always had a fascination with the cut enemies of Half-Life. Here's a quick image of a boss fight I'm working on

20220911175334 1

20220911175423 1

That's unfortunately all I have for you at the moment. Thank you for your support on the mod! See you soon - MR DEV

FlippedOutKyrii - - 3,554 comments

Not too shabby! Reminds me of TImeline: Iced Earth!

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MrBBA Author
MrBBA - - 29 comments

Thanks mate :)

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andrea89 - - 272 comments

Nice quote from Arnold but terrible movie XD

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MrBBA Author
MrBBA - - 29 comments

Haha it really is.

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PRinceBhai - - 500 comments

*sees nice mod*

*quickly follows*

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MrBBA Author
MrBBA - - 29 comments

Thank you! More updates soon :)

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r.sempel - - 159 comments

No; the flood and after that, people.

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