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Huh? What happened to New Ordnance? Long story short, it's morphed into something I have no name for yet.

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Hello everybody! You may be wondering what happened to New Ordnance and why this project has been changed to "Working Title". I've decided to start fresh, without a name. I've learned so many new skills in the past few years that so many new options have opened up. With these options, I've been wanting to expand beyond what New Ordnance originally was, a gun mod. However, before I get into what "Working Title" is, I want to give some closure on New Ordnance.

Closing Statement on New Ordnance

You may or may not be aware that New Ordnance was first announced on July 9th, 2012. It's hard to believe I've been going back and forth with this project for almost 6 years now. It's almost harder to believe how popular STALKER still is, and that excites me. I began this project with the support of Nicolai Aaroe mainly as a feature for Misery 2.0, which wasn't even being called Misery 2.0 at that point. The team was very small at this time, pretty much at it's beginning. Simbalime was working on his addon Armory Mod which was being merged with Misery and Trojanuch was working on Massive Simulation Overhaul, which was also being merged. I was working on New Ordnance which was yet another merge for Misery. At this time, these were all just merges, but it soon grew into what would become Misery 2.0 as more and more people gained interest in helping with Misery. This became my focus for the next few years and my intended standalone version of New Ordnance remained on the backburner. By the time Misery 2.0 was released new weapon mods were starting to be released as well. Prior to this, there weren't very many HQ models available for Call of Pripyat, which is why we decided to keep the vanilla guns. But in my eyes, the version of New Ordnance I was working on quickly became obsolete. Around this time would be the first time I entertained the idea of scrapping my work and restarting with new models from Original Weapon Renewal. Eventually I decided there was no other option so I went for it. However I struggled with motivation to complete this new version and as time went on more and more new and better HQ models were being released. I got stuck in a cycle of perfectionism where I was uncertain whether or not the work I was doing would quickly be made obsolete by some other mod. However, I wouldn't call this a bad thing. It made me strive to learn more and more about texturing and eventually even 3D modelling, not to mention I've learned a whole ton about how the game works. Now here I am 6 years later and I have a whole library of information about STALKER stored in my head. I'm also in college studying to become a video game developer and my passion for STALKER has not subsided. The best thing about it all is I've never felt better. This is why I think it's a good time to start fresh, and with all that said, let me tell you about "Working Title".

Let me tell you about "Working Title"

"Working Title" is whatever I want it to be, which is why I haven't given it a title. I will eventually name this project when my vision becomes clearer, but I don't want branding to distract me from actually working on usable features for the mod. Also I feel it keeps the door open for bringing in team members to help me make something really cool for STALKER. I'm not constricted to any certain theme so it allows anyone with an idea to help shape this project. I plan to keep modding STALKER practically indefinitely and since I'm on track to become a video game developer I am confident that I will be able do most of the things I've always wanted to do. Although, for right now, to help understand what you can expect from this project, I think it makes sense to explain what I am currently capable of.

--- What can I do?

I currently have the skills to 3D Model, UV unwrapping, 3D & 2D UI Texturing, Rig animations, and import these models into STALKER. I want to clarify that by rigging animations I can put existing animations to a model, but not create new animations. I also want to clarify that I will be learning to animate in my college class this summer. With all these skills, I could be able to create or edit maps for STALKER, but I will have to learn how to use the SDK for this. I will be learning to program, but I'm not sure how long it will take before I can use what I learn in STALKER. I'll also list some more things I don't know how to do yet but plan on learning; creating quests, altering A-Life (spawns/level population), engine modifications, and AI enhancements.

--- What am I working on now?

Currently my focus is remodeling the vanilla guns in vanilla style. Basically I'm taking the vanilla models, with some of their quirks, and making them much higher quality and texturing them similar to how they appear in vanilla. I'm keeping them as close to vanilla as possible without them being unrealistic ( ex.mirrored ejectors). I may also add a bit of my own creativity to the mix, like zone modified gun variants. For example, custom grips, attachments, shortened/lengthened barrels, makeshift parts, ect. I will reference the actual guns when modeling, but my focus is not making them 100% to scale. When I learn to animate, I will animate all the models I create.

--- What do I want to do in the future?

I want a lot of things, but as far as what I'm pretty certain on here's the list:
• Re-balanced economy, guns, armor, items, artifacts, almost everything that affects how the game play • Completely new upgrade scheme, including how upgrades become available • Complete HD User Interface overhaul • Tons of new consumable and non-consumable items • Misc. environmental/structural texture and model fixes

--- What else is on the table?

• I really want to get into level creation as soon as I can, but I'm uncertain when I will be able to do this • A-Life manipulation • Creating quests and eventually maybe a main story • New character models (maybe animations?) • Probably more that I'm forgetting

Take a look at some recent content for "Working Title"

Below is an example of a vanilla gun I've recently remodeled

Below is a new pistol to be included in the mod

Below is a glimpse of the planned HD UI overhaul (Shown is the inventory screen)

P.S. If you've made it this far, I'll be posting my remodel of the Eliminator here soon!


This all looks cool, but just doesn't feel right to me.
With your set of skills, I'd definietly look for a team to work with. This is how I saw a lot of mods/ideas die, someone going all alone for big changes and by the time it would become a thing it falls apart for some reason (time, interest, etc.).
I don't want to destroy hopes or anything, it's just my idea.

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ΤWiST3D Author

I certainly understand your perspective, and with my track record I don't blame you for thinking that way. The only way I can get people to believe me is through time and action. I hope you will be pleasantly surprised. Thanks for your honesty.

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All right then, I'll say good luck!
If you have questions related to balancing, I guess I could help.

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ΤWiST3D Author

I see a bunch of people agree with Balathruin, it would be very helpful to me if people would elaborate why they agree with Balathruin instead of just upvoting him. How do you think I could do a better job promoting my mod? Are there things you want to see from me? What would give you more confidence that I can deliver on what I'm claiming? Do you want me to explain certain things in more detail? What direction would you like to see this mod take? This kind of feedback is critical for me at this point in my development.

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Personally I have no expectations at all. I see a lot of Stalker mods come out that, for me, really just don't do anything worthwhile (new guns, new skins, new game balance tweaks, circle jerking difficulty mods, big whoop!)... BUT I know the modders have fun doing what they do and it's not my place to judge them for how they like to spend their time.

I'm not sure what other peoples opinions are, I don't know about the upvotes either. I think, perhaps, 10 years after release people want more Stalker, and know modders are the only way that is going to happen. I think also that there have been a lot of promising mods which promise big things and ultimately fail because the programmer has a baby, or the scripter gets a full time job or the map maker's computer dies - and that's it, no more mod, but also, no more Stalker.

So, I think there's this dichotomy at play - on the one hand fans look to people like you, those who bothered to take the time to learn and develop the skills to keep Stalker alive, but also know all too well the empty promises that come with modding. Time, money, "real life" commitments, etc.

And now a mod which was in development for ages is cancelled-but-not-cancelled and I suppose for many it doesn't inspire confidence that you'll bring anything to the table.

BUT! As I said, you are the one doing the modding, because you enjoy it, so don't worry about why people are upvoting him, don't even worry about my response here, just make sure you are having fun doing what you're doing.

I think worry about promoting your mod when you have more direction and something tangible to show off. Depending on what your thoughts for your mod are, complete it in pieces and get those pieces out to the people so they aren't waiting for that final, elusive package that never comes. Lots of mods have done cool things and then disappear - SMRTER, Redux/Wormwood, Shoker - is that still a thing? even WIP mods like Gunslinger and Ray of Hope... until they release the full package they may as well not exist to the wider audience. So, my advice is I think, decide on what you want your mod to be before trying to tell people about it. Just have fun with it.

I, like many I'm sure, have tonnes of ideas I think would be cool for a Stalker mod, but I don't have the skills at all to make it for myself (and some the engine probably doesnt allow for).

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ΤWiST3D Author

Thanks a bunch for your well thought out comment, you've given me some useful feedback and some things to think about. I've suspected some of the things you posted here, but it's always different when you actually hear someone else say it.

Lately, I have actually thought about Wormwood a lot and I imagine that's probably the most relatable example I can find of a mod that encompasses how I imagine people must see mine as. I remember reading about Wormwood and I never expected it to be released. I thought to myself this is too good and too much to be true. Maybe that's the feeling I'm invoking in people. However, I truly want to make sure my mod doesn't face the same fate. For at least 2 years ahead of me, I can see nothing that would stop me from completing this mod.

I do think I want to continue promoting my mod though, and I think I have a good reason why. I actually planned an article discussing this topic, but to give you the jist of it, I think it will keep me committed and consistent. I'm the kind of person who actually needs deadlines, so the more momentum I put into this, the harder it will be for me or anyone else to stop it.

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Now that you mention it, I can totally see why promoting it and making updates would keep you motivated. Good point!

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