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Welcome to the Medieval 2 TOTAL War Vanilla Enhanced Mod.

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Important please read (this modification requires Medieval 2 Total War Kingdoms)

Welcome to Medieval 2 Total War Vanilla Enhanced, this mod comprises all of the Kingdoms Campaigns/Factions and adds them to a modded copy of the Vanilla game allowing you to play all of the campaigns with one application meaning no restarts necessary to change which campaign you want to play.

you can also play multiplayer battles with the Kingdoms factions meaning you can play as Jerusalem vs Lithuania or the Teutonic Knights etc. this mod also is changing the unit behavior/stats slightly in order to make it more realistic, so now for example heavy shock cavalry like the Byzantine Kataphractoi's charge will have a better chance of devastating non-spear infantry when charging while not being broken.

certain units such as Greek Fire will be more costly though going from 800 gold to 1250 (might be changed depending on community feedback.)

and due to Cavalry having increased charge damage all of the units that applies to such as Byzantine Kataphractoi will be abit more costly as well but the price cost will not be as big as the one with Greek Fire.

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