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Why make this mod, what does fo-realism mean, what does the mod do?

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This Mod was originally created to give a more realistic feel to inventory space & weapon durability. It was also intended to make Nightmare or modded Nightmare easier by giving the player more weapons/items at their disposal.

Fo-Realism in this mod was just the only way I could think to describe how I came up with values to adjust. I tried to make pocket spaces & backpack spaces reflect real world volumes. I quickly realized volume was not going to work well so I made tons of convoluted values and ended up with this.

What this mod does:
Consumable Items stack to 5
Ammo Types stack varying from type to type
Ammo crafting costs vary from type to type
Bolt Types stack varying from type to type
Bolt crafting cost vary from type to type
Explosive Items stack to 4
Explosive crafting cost vary from type to type*
Parts stack to 200
Most Weapons are more durable however some may be unchanged or less durable*
*To be included in v1.0

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