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Some of you may have been wondering what is Jeff's Tower? Here it is!

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So what actually is Jeff's Tower?


The story of Jeff’s Tower starts with our protagonist (Jeff) who is a woodland hermit botanist that lives in the vast Bolcerra forest that surrounds the sleepy village of Nimara. While foraging for rare herbs he unexpectedly stumbles across an ancient rune stone steeped in legend.

Jeff retrieves the rune stone and takes it to his tower deep in the woods to examine the magical rune. After long deliberation Jeff accidentally revives the rune sending a powerful shock through his body. Little did he know that he just obtained a great power, the magic of Asarath.

The great evil King has been observing Jeff and his relationship with Asarath and has found out what power the rune would be capable of in his hands. The king sends hordes of his troops to retrieve the rune for him for pure evil. On the other hand Jeff starts realising the power he has just gained and starts blasting the incoming troops into the sky to defend Asarath from being possessed by the evil king.

This is Jeff’s last stand against the forces of evil, if Jeff perishes and the power of the rune stone falls into the wrong hands there is no telling what horrors will be unleashed on the land and people.

The aim of the game is to play as Jeff to defend the tower to prevent the evil king from obtaining the rune while using the new magic powers you have just obtained to stop waves of incoming enemies from all sides of the tower.

The player engages with the enemies by firing different kind of spells which have different effects on enemies.

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Pre-Alpha gameplay trailer!

Here is a screenshot of the current environment.



I like the atmosphere. The trees look like they're made of plastic though. I have the same problem with my game.

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Beautifully designed environment!

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