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Besides making a game I have another job, the one that pays the bills. It's been a couple of years that I've been having to move around from city to city. I just want to share a few views of the places where the magic is happening, the magic of creating something other people can interact with.

About a month ago I moved to Houston, TX. At this moment I'm working on gettting the demo ready for Ice Cold Blood, fine-tuning existing features, and also creating new mechanics for the gameplay; some will stay some will not, no matter how much I like them. I walk to work (I'll get a bike soon), as always, inspiration comes when I walk.

IMG 20160927 090236

That in the distance is the city of Houston.

And this is my way to work:

IMG 20161012 162236

I like to remember that this adventure started in Provo, Utah, where we started serious development of Ice Cold Blood.

IMG 20160201 153915 1

IMG 20160204 073201 1

When taking breaks

When taking breaks

Music for the first demo

Music for the first demo

Ice Cold Changes

Ice Cold Changes

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