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Dev Diary #1: The origins of Cyrano and the Rusty Planet and early developments news.

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Dev Diary #1


The short gameplay video

The origins...

cyrano screen 11Cyrano and the Rusty Planet - Act I: The Basket Case

In 2008, I was working with some French illustrators on a new comic book: Cyrano and the King of the World. A story about an alternative and cartoonish 17th century filled with duelists, sorcery & flying ships. We were all exited about the project but, at that time, I had to focus on other things and we all lost our window of opportunity.


Cyrano and the King of the World - Comic Book

A few years after, as I was digging through piles of documents, here they were... a dozen pages of Cyrano and I knew immediately that it should be a game. An adventure with a good scenario but also a game that offers an open world where you have the choice to roam, steal, quest and explore, without necessarily following the main quest with many activities, such as, exploration of space, gathering resources, crafting, commerce, and combat.

cyrano screen 12Cyrano and the Rusty Planet - Act IV: Far and Wide

The development

So I started the layout with UNITY. I used to work in the video game industry in the 90's and the early 2000s as a game designer but this time, it was different, I was going to be alone! After two years and with the help of UNITY forums and the Asset Store, I was able to finish the shape of how the game would look like.

cyrano screen 5Cyrano and the Rusty Planet - Act IV: Far and Wide

Cyrano and the Rusty Planet is a hybrid: mainly a point-and-click adventure but also an isometric RPG and a space trading and exploration game with LGBT-friendly content for PC - Mac - Linux

A detailed open-world, a complex story line, some unforgettable characters and a flamboyant gameplay.

cyrano screen 21Cyrano and the Rusty Planet - Act IV: Far and Wide

What needs to be done?

Although we already have a lot of indoor environments ready, there is still tons of work:

* The creation of new 3D models and characters

* The voice over and lip sync

* The design of 9 planets (+moons & asteroids).

work in progress

Work in Progress!

That's it for today! Hope you enjoyed the update..

THANK YOU for your attention and support!

Alex @ Abraxas Adventure games

baszermaszer - - 446 comments

I would look for a new font for the text "Insurrection outside" immediately.

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abraxas.adventures Author
abraxas.adventures - - 8 comments

Thanks for the advice. Fonts are not a priority now but they will be very soon!

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