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This essentially is to outline what I am to do with the Mod before and after its release. I haven't got an exact date yet, but I would hope to have a Demo version up by next month if not earlier.

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So first I plan on releasing the Demo version with most of the game content there. At the moment I am sorting out buildings and some UI issues. After the Demo version is released I aim to add events, develop the campaign script further, change buildings, work on modelling battle maps (for at the moment they are still like standard Med2 barring the Units), adding a few new factions if possible, adding more ancillaries and traits etc. - This will be my aim for at least a full release, which won't be for a while now.

The Demo version will still have a playable campaign, the custom battles aren't fully playable (SO I WON'T RECOMMEND USING THEM!), you can still fight battles with the new unit moddles etc. The campaign AI uses the Gracul AI from Stainless Steel which makes each faction more likely to betray one another.

I will be bringing further updates if I can and hopefully the demo version will be up soon!

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