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Among the sun and the planets, asteroids are a populous bunch in the Worbital planetary system. How do they work and how can they affect your game?

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Among the sun and the planets, asteroids are a populous bunch in the Worbital planetary system. These small and nifty rocks are all around the space, so how can they affect your game? Let’s take a closer look at the Worbital asteroids.

Asteroid Belt

Asteroids are real things, no surprise there. They are minor planets—not quite big enough to be actual planets, but big enough to deal some real damage if they ram into one. Fortunately, the majority of the asteroids in the Worbital space are mostly harmless, as they are orbiting around the sun in a neat asteroid belt. A similar one can be found in our solar system, stretching between the orbits of Mars and Jupiter.


As we mentioned in one of our previous blog posts, the main function of the asteroid belt in Worbital, is keeping celestial bodies and projectiles from flying off into the open space. It also sets limits to the playing field. When a projectile hits the asteroid belt, it simply explodes. However, if a planet or a moon wanders off into the area, the impact causes an explosion. And if the planet is still not destroyed after that explosion, it will bounce off back to the playing field. No one shall escape! Muahaha.

Off-Orbit Asteroids


Some asteroids break the mold and go off on their own adventure. Every now and then you’ll see asteroids flying off their orbit at the asteroid belt into the playing field. They might not mean any harm, but they mean business. As hard as it can be to look away from the battle action, you need to pay attention to those rogue asteroids as well, because it’s entirely possible they would hit your base planet. In fact, that’s the plan! As the match progresses, they asteroids are flying with increased frequency to add to the overall chaos. Your mission is not only to fend off enemy attacks, but the asteroids as well. Luckily, some of the asteroids will give you extra resources when you shoot them.


Shooting an asteroid works pretty much the same way as shooting a planet or a moon, the only difference being them moving faster and less predictably. You can shoot the rocks with projectile slugs, lasers or any other weapon. Though, keep in mind that when you shoot one with Laser, the rock will split into pieces. And then who knows where those pieces will drift to…

Such are Worbital asteroids! Let us know what you think in the comments below.

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