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In this article, I talk about everything that I aim to do with this mod, and make an announcement at the end 👀

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Hello! I am Wicked, the lead for Portal: Distress Signal. Currently, it's just me and my Composer, Celestiate.

There are all sorts of things I want to talk about! Some I can't because that'd be spoiling the mod. But firstly, I want to talk about something.

Modding is hard. I honestly am not sure if this mod will make it far, most projects I have started ended shortly after, but to brighten the mood, I DO have hope for this mod! It has already made it further than most projects I have started, I am confident this mod with go places, and maybe even be released!

Back to a pessimistic topic, it is just me and my composer, I have done quite a bit, but I am in desperate need of some help! So if you are a mapper, modder, modeller, texturer, artist, or just can help in any way possible, and want to join the dev team, apply here; Dev Application Form

Now, I want to talk about the mod itself.

The mod will have 6 chapters, each with their own distinct styles. You might ask yourself, why are you making it a portal mod if you aren't going to use the Portal style? Well, there are multiple answers to that my fair reader!

  1. The Portal 1 atmosphere, retro graphics and sounds are just much more fit for a horror mod.
  2. I want to improve myself as a mapper, and Portal 1 mapping is much harder than Portal 2 mapping.
  3. I just love Portal 1 and everything about it.

Now that I finished that, that's all I wanted to talk about in this article. For everyone reading this, thank you for taking an interest in this mod. It means a lot more than you could know, and for those who want to join the team, press the link above. I will be giving a link to the discord (which is unfinished) soon, and thank you very much!

Here are some images for you to look at:

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