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Approaching the final phase of development, we want to know what is it that YOU want in the Mod!

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Approaching the final phase of development we want your feedback!

Now as we approach the final phase of development for our Mod we are open for new or previously refused suggestions! If there is any feature you are missing or something that really makes you hate the mod, then now is the time to let us know!

To get your brain on the (right) track we have some suggestions which you might agree or disagree with. If you like to help us, give us a nice comment on what it is that you want or don't want.
Thanks in advance, your HaZardModding Team.

- I like more and stronger enemies.
- More Missions/Custom maps, with pure action.
- A story board, so I can read the background-story for each Mission.
- A secret finder, so we can find all secrets hidden in the game!
- More abilities for the Classes. (Please make suggestions)
- I like to have things removed, such as... (Please state which things you mean)
- Something else I like to see or have in the Mod. (Please make suggestions)

Here are a few things which we have done so far...

We did polish the Dialogue Speaking Hud.

Speaking Dialog Indicator Hud

We added a new hud named Medical Monitoring System.
Each number represents a player by its player-id.

Medical Monitoring System Hud

Patched in new features into our Cinematic routines to allow players to be their own camera, and to make Custom Cinematic sequences possible.

Cinematic Routines Code

Integrated a Custom Bat'leth fight level...

Bat'leth Arena, Co-op Mod remake

And we have added the Mission 9 Boss-level ! (m9l2-klingon_base)
The reason why we added Lurok first is simple; He shall take you down if you don't leave a nice comment on our news!

Mission 9 Boss

We also want you to know that we are working on the Information Gathering Missions(IGM) aboard the USS Enterprise E!

IGM Mission: USS Enterprise Deck1 Bridge, Captains Ready Room

That's it so far, more news can be expected before the final release.
Oh and don't forget to leave a nice comment, or Lurok will come after YOU!


I want more of that handsome guy in that last picture.

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Chrissstrahl Author

You will see him very often during the upcoming IGMs ;)

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i want to see more space missions, outside the ship at the open space with zero gravity

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