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Just a little notice to stop people from worrying.

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So I'm noticing a lot of "when are you gonna release the mod?" and "are you guys dead?" comments.

This isn't our main site. We post news here when we have news to post, that's all.

Our main site is

Things you can find on our main site:

  1. Our list of current tasks in progress
  2. Our knowledge base - a complete listing of all our units, buildings, design sketches and even magazine articles we've been in
  3. Our FAQ - it even tells you why we're taking so long
  4. The whole mod team - it's where we work

And we post more regular updates there, because that's where we actually do our thing.

So to answer the two main questions:

No we're not dead.
As I said above, we simply don't use ModDB as our main site. Important stuff gets posted here, but inbetween times, we can be found at our own website. If we were dead, we'd say so.

It doesn't look like we're releasing soon.
We'll release when we release. We don't know when that'll be. We were hoping it would be earlier this year. It wasn't. Such is life. Things always take longer than you expect, even if you take into account that they take longer than you expect.


How you can help us!
Among the things we're doing while our coders are busy working on the new stuff, is taking stock of the major bugs people are getting. Two of the major ones are as follows:

In the Soulstorm version of the Tyranid Mod, the Sister of Battle and Dark Eldar flags don't work right. This one is due to an oversight when we transferred from DC to SS; not everything that should have gotten updated did, so the SS race flags weren't accounted for.

And apparently the Toxic Miasma FX around the Spore Chimneys keeps on increasing and doesn't go away, even if the Spore Chimneys are destroyed - which can cause severe graphical slowdown later in your game.

If you find any bugs like these, big or small, post them in this thread on our forum. Read it through to make sure we don't know about it already, but if it's new then telling us will help us improve gameplay for you.

Tyrraxius - - 223 comments

It's better to wait a while than have a crappy, unstable and nowhere-near-done version just because people are impatient.

Slow and steady wins the race.

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like.dinosaurrrs - - 188 comments

daym yes!

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