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Just a quick heads up, we're not dead yet, we just had a long hiatus

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Command Activated

Opening Battlefield Control.....
Battle Control Exstabished

Verify General Name.....
SmasherJackson, Secondary Allied Nations OAT Command
Verification Complete

Opening News Files:
Good evening ladies and gentlemen, allies, soldiers, civilians and modders, now it has been since 9 months since the last picture or update has been posted and I, SmasherJackson would like to apologise to everyone for a long absence from Reign of Conflagration since we have been having some small things which had caused a temporary halt. Now we lost some models for the mod (some of the models that have been used in RoC are still ingame) and they are mostly the Company models and GLRF models and buildings, but don't worry its not the end, we can re-make them or extract them from the mod since some of them will possibly be in Work In Progress condition.

In December 2012 we had a severe hardware failure, it might be similar to the same incident in 2009 but this time there have been necessary steps to ensure Reign of Conflagration won't be lost, lucky enough it has been restored and development will continue this year of 2013 and we do apologise for the lack of updates, videos, new renders or screenshots of action ingame but now, we will make things right for you all this time around.

The mod will resume development this year and will resume this June or July with some new updates and some new screenshots/videos of Reign of Conflagration in action, but even we had a hiatus we are not dead and won't be dead until we release a playable beta for you guys to play. Also we did a backup of the modification so if the hardware crashes again, we will have a backup to work from and again, we may of said this many times but apologies.

Opening Database:
Now then, we have added some minor-factions to the modification. It isn't just the Martollo Cartel and the Russian Resistance, but we have added some units and a fully functional mini-faction with defenses that'll be available to utilize upon capture of the main structure.

New Side:
Allied Nations
Current State: In-game, Aircraft to be coded

Units Available:
Peacekeeper - Basic Infantry, equipped with a shotgun
Javelin Trooper - Basic Infantry, can attack ground and aircraft
Humvee - Transport and scout, infantry can fire out of the ports
Dragoon - Battle Tank, same stats as Company and Chinese versions
Transport Truck - Heavy Transport, unarmed, infantry can use fireports

Units to Come:
Some of the units are currently not available ingame, but they will be good and ready to complete the faction for a later release.

Field Medic - Heals nearby infantry, equipped with an assault rifle
Justifier - Long range scouts, advanced anti-infantry, can rappel from helicopters
Murcielago - Amphibious anti-aircraft, can hover over water
Kanto - Amphibious versions of the Grizzly Tank, can hover over water
Goliath - Long-Range Artillery, has to deploy to engage
Raptor - Main attack aircraft, same stats as the USA's Raptor
Aurora - Supersonic bomber, same stats as the USA's Aurora
Apache - Comes with rocket pods, same stats as the Comanche and Company Apache
Roamer - Heavy airlift transport, same stats as the Company's Crimson VTOL.

Nations Headquarters - Home of all ground units, comes with a radio tower, powers all defensive emplacements that'll require power
Nations Airforce Base - Home of all aircraft units, comes with 4 hangers for fixed-wing aircraft and a helicopter pad for Apaches and Roamers.
Defensive Emplacement - Equipped with rocket launchers and miniguns, these main base defenses are powered by the Nations Headquarters when captured
Point Defense Laser - Stops incoming rockets from hitting units nearby them, similar to the USA's Paladin Tank but stationary

The Allied Nations' forces are the main forces that created the Company of Liberty, but they are deployed to keep an eye on any Company activity, since they are usually rare the Allied Nations won't be available for all skirmish or Generals Challenge maps, this minor-faction can be found as playable forces or as targets in missions related to the Company of Liberty or in some factions. But since the Company of Liberty will be taking all combat protocol there will be some small instances of AN forces within some areas, but some of their units can be useful for engaging multiple hostiles.

Along with the Russian Resistance and the Martollo Cartel, the Allied Nations' units will be available to play around with ingame, but that'll be when a part of the mod will be available. In a next release we will add in the United Forces of Africa (some units are ingame) and the Russian Mafia will be available when their HQ buildings are captured (ground vehicles ingame).

That is all for now dear allies, soldiers, civilians and modders. Again we do apologise for the long hiatus but we will make things right again and hopefully everything will be back up and running in time for 2013 to 2014.

That'll be all, commander.
Closing News Files.

End Transmission
Battlefield Control Terminated
Signing Off

CrowV - - 224 comments

welcome back dude

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lolfr - - 685 comments

promise us that you will not die.

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BronzeJackson Author
BronzeJackson - - 1,257 comments

It is a promise I'll try and keep, Reign of Conflagration won't die but real-life does take a priority nowadays, but I've finished college for this year so I'll have more time to ensure its good for release and previews

More screenshots and some additional videos of action, new model renders including some enhancements, along with a new and re-made trailer of the Company of Liberty (won't announce the date yet and not to spoil the surprise)

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