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ResidentEvil-inspired modification, featuring basic mechanics from classic RE games, such as static camera, inventory, tank controls and more. Players find themselves in a mysterious mansion, full of zombies, headcrabs and other dangers. With limited inventory and movement, escaping the residence of evil horrors will not be an easy task.

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Hello again!

Sadly, due to a series of unfortunate events, I couldn't keep the promise of releasing the demo on December. In any case, this modification is getting revived, since nowadays i have much more free time to work on it and I decided to wipe the dust off the modpage.

Lost and Damned is still in development. For example, take a look at improved visuals of inventory!

resident evil test0194

Besides, I've made a few reskins of existing models to give them slightly darker mood.

The mapping for Lost and Damned is abit complicated due to all new game mechanics, besides the standard source mapping workflow I've got to be making all camera angles, collision meshes and doors for every playable area, which kinda takes time. Yet I'm still trying my best to put all my passion into this.

hammerplusplus y17aZueiCZ

I decided to scrap my idea of releasing a demo ahead and stick to working on full version instead. I can't promise it to have a long playtime, but my primary objective is to make it as polished as possible.

In conclusion I'd like to show some screenshots of newly added or improved areas.

resident evil test0199

resident evil test0203

resident evil test0206

resident evil test0213

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крутой крутой

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Holy ****, this is looking so good

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соль вернулась

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This looks incredible

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This looks exciting!

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