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So its been a Long LONG Stretch, in which everyone has focused on working and getting better positions, and of course "Better Pay" for those Positions. So we`re here, to impart Updates & Information for You! About Last of Humanity, and its Current Progress in Development!

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I would like to be the First, to say thank you for all of those who PMd me via Facebook, and Skype, to all those who kept contacting me via email, and on other platforms. Asking questions about the Game, and wanting Details on its Current Stages. Well today. I can Officially Announce, that we have finally got a Networked Build. And will be going Public with Developers Pre-Alpha Stage Releases.

Over the next few Months, we will be releasing our Official Game Launcher, along with our Web Portal. Allowing you, the players and testers of the Game. To come aboard, and help us in our Attempts at finding bugs, and fixing issues. This will Develop Day-by-Day Update Routine allowing us to find the Issues you feel are the Problem, and work on the Game Mechanics, more then the Game look.

As time progresses with our Developer Builds, we will be releasing a series of "Developer Tools" which will allow players, like you. For those of you who want to Contribute to the Project, a Application that has detailed information on Formatting, as well as Layout/Design and Implementation Information. Along with a Array of Example Models, Sounds, and of course Textures.

We will be Opening the First Wave of Tester Keys, on May 9th, 2015. A post will be made exclusively on indieDB that will contain a Signup System, and a Request a Key System. There will be a Limited number of Keys, per Global Dev Release. We will be providing Keys, as well as exclusive InGame Content via the Key System as time progresses.

For all of those who have Questioned us Many a Time about Donations, of Crowdfunding, and the like. We are going to be Officially Releasing our Site, and platform. To gather funding. Once we have our Official Release Builds up, and we have Players on the Server.

More information will be released Later this week. Happy Gaming Everyone. Cant wait to see the Comments.


We evolved alittle on our Crowdfunding Site/Page, tell us what you think of the new Design Please:

New Crowdfunding Page

GreenForest - - 426 comments

Sounds just great tomorrow will be 1st so almost a week to wait for this build.

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Bioblaze Author
Bioblaze - - 40 comments

:3 Exactely ^_^ Ill be uploading it to here First. Then we will work from there. Also. We will Release the Keys first, then the Actual build will come a few hours to a few days afterwords. As we wait for all the Keys to disappear.

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