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Welcome to my first news post! The purpose of this post is to get the page started and ready to go! As this is a project I am working on in my free time, I love suggestions, feedback, etc!

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Welcome to the official G.R.I.T IndieDB page! I am excited to share this project with you! I plan to release this in a year or two for a relatively low price (10 - 15$)! Originally I had hoped for this to be free, but there are tons of expenses and quite a lot of time going into this. I hope to create a unique, engaging interactive experience that makes you wonder and question the world that you will be exploring. As a solo developer, I will do my best to polish and create the most quality game experience I can muster. I have always had a passion for video games, and this is my way to give back to you all in the gaming community. More updates will be coming as I progress with the game's development!

The main game will eventually feature:

-A several hour long campaign divided into two or three downloadable parts
- Apparitions and other haunting visions of life before the fall
- A unique narrative and environment taking place in a devastated city
- several unique weapons that help aid you in your travels
- Audio logs that can be collected tell the story of past life in the city
- tons of other things as well!

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