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An introduction to the mod, explaining things like the aesthetic and how to get involved.

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Another Half-Life mod, huh?

Yes, correct. Made by a beginner mapper, no less. Anyway, welcome to SYPHON, a Cyberpunk themed mod for Half-life. You will play as Andre Spirilis, which is mentioned in the summary, in the year 2079. I have a clear vision of the aesthetics that will be used in this mod. Mainly blocky skyscrapers, with neon textures and plastered with advertisements, in classic Goldsrc style. Also be prepared for some remnants of "old" central European architecture (think Prague, Vienna or Cologne.) I have big, but reasonable plans for this mod and I hope it can turn out the way I envision it. If you wish to help, shoot me a friend request on discord at strfx !!!#5039. If enough people want to help, I may even set up a discord server. Thanks for taking the time to look at my mod, and stay tuned for what comes next!

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