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Today marks the first days of development! Thanks to a livestream some awesome youutbers and a Huge community This project is Happening!

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Welcome all Racing game / Yogscast fans to YogsCart,

This is based of the idea from the DreamTeamStream on the 06/12/2013.

Our current Cart ideas are as follows (written by user billyK_) theese are subject to change!:

Martyn has a log.
Strippin has a Minecart.
Lewis has the USS Enterprise, or a spaceship of some sort.
Simon has the Mandrew wagon.
Parv has a coffin.
Sips has a bathtub.
Sjin could be riding a mahogany door.
Zoey has a mushroom-based kart.
Hannah has a Mr. Owl kart
Hat Films could each have separate cars:

  • Trott has Eric(RIP mate)
  • Alsmiffy has a nuke or a magic wand/broomstick
  • DJ3 has a marble block.

Rythian could either be riding Teep, or have a magic carpet.
Nilesy could have a pool kart, with like water splashing around and stuff in it.
Duncan could have his UFO saucer thing for his kart.
Panda could have...well, a panda lol.
Ridge would always be flying, and would have the best kart due to admin OPness....or a doge.
DaveChaos, since he's doing a Tekki-based trip to the moon, could also have a rocketship, but more in an Indian Jones-style.
Kim could be riding Totoro for her kart.

Keep your eyes on this thread as we hope to update either daily or every few days!

Thanks for the support

-SteamFireentertainment & Yogscast Reddit community

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