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Presentation of the Wars of Liberty mod, what are the roots of the mod, introduction to cultures and what are we looking for right now.

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I'm sure many of you may be intrigued by this mod, the description is as vague as it can be and the features we promised sound bombastic to say the least... but trust us when we say this is beyond a mere concept and the mod itself has many years of development behind it and most things are already coded, yet we're still far from finishing.

First of all, what's Wars of Liberty?

This mod can trace it's roots all the way back to 2006, when a young modder decided to create a mod covering the War of the Triple Alliance in South America.

Indeed he did create his mod, featuring 3 civilizations, Brazil, Paraguay and Argentina, with Uruguayan units as mercenaries and a revolution option.

The mod has come a long way since then, adding civilizations from all over the world, many more features and even a completly new age. But what are these so called features?

As an example of them, let me introduce the concept of culture, as it is used in Wars of Liberty:

As you can see in Age of Empires 3, civilizations of different parts of the world have different units available, different sets of technologies and even different features. That's how the native americans have Firepits, asians the Consulate and Europeans Revolutions, for example.

Wars of Liberty takes these concepts and expands them, now you don't only have asians, europeans and Native Americans, in this mod you'll find The Western Europeans, Asians, North American natives, South American Natives, Latin Americans, Anglo and the Balkans.

So what sets them apart? Well, a future features page will set them apart, but to make things short they can be summed up by this:

Western Europe: Europeans from countries that are not the balkans, they are largely the same as you could find them in vanilla Age of Empires III, together with the original 8 here you'll find Italy, Belgium, Denmark and the Habsburgs.

Balkans: Europeans from... the Balkans, they share different sets of units and different features, such as aging up through politicians located in military buildings, instead of the Town Center. Civilizations that belong to this culture are Greece, Romania, Serbia and Bulgaria.

North American Natives: The civilizations from the Warchiefs expansion, cultural features remain largely the same, though they'll get an unique way to gather faith. Civilizations here are the Aztecs, Sioux and Iroquois.

South American Natives: Though largely similar to the Natives from North America, they do have a few key differences, such as a firepit with a largely different function... Civilizations in this culture are the Inca, the Tupi and the Mapuche.

Latin Americans: Civilizations that have risen after the conquest of the Americas by the Iberian countries, though they do share some units with their European counterparts, they've got a completly different set of features, such as the capacity of bringing immigrants or politicians with different times for age up, as well as new culturally shared units, like the Aspide or the Carbineer. Civilizations in this culture are Argentina, Brazil, Mexico, Paraguay, Gran Colombia and Chile.

Anglo: Civilizations coming from former british colonies. They have a special way of aging up, with two conflicing factions that give different sets of units and technologies as well as different voting matters in the congress. Civilizations in this culture are Australia, Canada and the United States.

Asia: As seen on the Asian Dynasties expansion, the culture doesn't have many changes, even if the civilizations inside it do. Together with the original China, Japan, and India civilizations there's also a new Korea civilizations here.

Africa: The newest culture to be added to the mod, it's composed of Ethiopia, Egypt and Zulu. They've got a completly different set of units, as well as a different way to age up, upgrading their units and even different homecities.


As to what's left to do? Many things still, though most of the planning and research is done, we are severely understaffed right now, with me being the only active person working on coding and a couple other people coming and going. But what we're looking for right now is texturers, Random Map and/or AI scripters, modellers and even voice actors are welcome for the voicesets of the new civilizations.

There's still many things left to do, but we've got the hopes that this mod will come to fruition even if it takes us a couple more years to do so, it's just a matter of time and of will.

This page is, of course, still under construction, so stay tuned for more news and updates, for there's still many things left to be explained and featured in Wars of Liberty.


Ummm, where is the download app?

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