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First news being posted for Weatherman, a Doom 3 TC studentproject from Germany.

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Hello everyone, I'd like to welcome you to the first news item for the upcoming Doom 3 Total Conversion "Weatherman". This TC is a project done by students from Germany being in the third semester. But well, what is it all about?

Weatherman is an old-fashioned sidescroll jump&run where you gotta jump and solve puzzles to reach new areas to gain what the "hero" is looking for. The main feature is something special, someting new... so what is it? Well, it's the possibility to switch the view and with it the landscape. That means in both dimensions something is different and only by switching between those you can solve all the puzzles and finish the level.

For the different settings we've used first fire and wind and then water and ice. So a usual puzzle e.G. would be a part where you can't go any further because ice is blocking the way and you have to switch, or there's no way to reach a other side in the waterworld, so you gotta switch to the iceworld to continue. Here's a little example shot how the different views looks like:

Weatherman - Ice/Water - Preview Shot 1

Because this is a student project we have to make sure it's done on january 28. Therefore to all the Desolated watchers: I won't finish it till Weatherman is done, I'm sorry. But you'll be able to play this mod in the meantime so I hope you won't be disappointed and/or angry. And well, I've got a really good news for you, though: we are about to release a one-level Weatherman Demo pretty soon, shortly before christmas and maybe even this very weekend. So stay tuned...


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