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Hi, and welcome to Sins of the Fallen, a mod for Sins of a Solar Empire. This mod has been a personal venture for myself as this is the first of many for me. I hope you like what you see so far in the screenshots and back story. More to come soon.

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It started with a flash in the sky and a ripple through the clouds.
The hunger is what brought it here, and feed it did, until there was no more.Any left were replaced by soulless monsters,
driven only by an insatiable hunger for flesh and blood.With no food left in this system they set their sights on distant stars.
And the universe was never the same again.

While the TEC, Advent and Vasari are embroiled in their own struggles for survival a new threat has emerged, intent on spreading it's infectious plague throughout the universe. The sickening ruthlessness in which entire populations are infected or destroyed is alarming to the TEC, Advent and Vasari alike. If the Plague wasn't enough they were immediately followed yet another race calling themselves the Nephilim. The initial encounter with the "Nephilim" held promise they would unite in defeating the Plague. However, Initial attempts at diplomacy have failed as the Nephilim seem single purposed in their pursuit of the Plague.
The Plague
A vampiric race capable of infecting others with their taint. As gruesome as their actions are they are not to be underestimated on their intelligence. A millenia of adapting to their condition has resulted in a ruling class quite capable of producing scientific advancements especially in the area of viral and organic designs. However, their hunger and the hunger of the newly infected drives their desire to feed.

Heavily dependant on their ability to spread culture early to both increase the effectiveness of their fleet and decrease the effectiveness of the enemy. Their colony capital, Enslavor Scourge, is also capable of spreading their infestation (culture) to remote planets. The Plague's fleet is by far the least durable of any of the other races but are cheaper to replace and become much more deadly when fighting within their own culture.

Weapons include bile launchers, bio-plasma, acid streams and organic missiles

The Nephilim
A mysterious race of giant men possessing miracle like abilities (claimed to have been gained from the fallen angels that originally sired them). Nephilim men are long lived but not immortal. All Nephilim are born from a union of a Nephilim with a sentient female. The resulting birth is usually to much for the female to survive and always results in a male offspring.
Moderately dependant on culture to improve the Nephilim's ability to wage war and feed their economy. The Nephilim's fleet is by far the most durable of any of the races but is much more costly to replace as a result.

For as long as the Plague has been devouring systems, the Nephilim have been chasing them.

Weapons include plasma, pulse guns, and missiles

* Opening Adapted from Marvel Zombies.
* Some elements of Plague race adapted from Vampire: the Requim such as choice of some ship names.
* Some elements of Nephilim race adapted from the Bible and other miscellaneous sources dealing with Nephilim.


So the Nephilim and Plague Races aren't playable yet?

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Well this is interesting, I like the ideas with the new races and I'd love to see more.

Though out of curiosity are they the only new races to be added or will there be more?

Also just out of curiosity, do you have any more lore stuff on the two races? I kinda love that type of stuff and eat it up when I can.

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