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About 3 years ago i started off making small games on RPG Maker XP, It was a long time adventure game called legend of the dragons, which then went onto be a big hit on the Adventure Quest game forums, some people liked it some people didn't but that was the start of my interest in making games.

I went on to try and apply for a course in collage which i didn't get into as back then maths was top priority when it came down to coding, I'm still not the greatest person with numbers.

At the start of 2010 i started work on a small house in platinum sandbox creator, yeah i know it's just another platform game maker for newbies, but thats what i am a complete newbie. I knew that i would never actually publish the game as something that works in the future as it wasn't really the sort of engine i had hoped for but it was great for the building blocks.

About 4-5 months ago i started some real work on a game using the platinum sandbox creator and it came out all right, each week or so for the next 3 months that i worked on it you can find the screen shots of this project inside the actual moddb profile of this game. I'm not sure how to add the small thumbnails yet, I'll work on it's all a bit new to me and so is this moddb file thingy heh.

Yesterday, i added the finishing touchs to a final version of what ever i created. This can be seen below.

As you can see my voice acting isn't great but i make it sound good and i tend to improvise :P.

Moving onto the real project, I'm going to begin work using Torque 3D to develop a base of a starting zone which would of been the one you saw in the video, it will be like an underground base with waterfalls and crystals and all sorts to make it seem like the main character lives underground.

I would like to work on a multiplayer side of this with a possible roleplay element, free action bit of player versus environment sorta thing, but i won't be doing that for a while.

Anyway it's been great to voice the work that I've done and show it off and i hope to capture your hearts with a new game.

Detnaite - - 303 comments

Seems cool, sounds like that old RPG I played as a kid except more advanced. Kind of out of it now, sick and all but I do like the concept, see you already made like a "Storyboard". If I could I would help but I cant do anything. Good luck sounds good.

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Theon - - 712 comments

There is no such thing as a Platinum Arts Sandbox "Engine", Platinum Arts is just a modded editor for the Cube 2(/Sauerbraten) Engine...

I just really hate that they don't ever give Cube 2 any cred :/

What you've made looks nice, though; would be fun to see this evolve into a playable RPG :)

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Elementalist - - 732 comments

That doesn't necessarily make it not a new engine. It depends on how much they changed it. There are lots of engines based off of Cube 2, such as Syntensity.

Originally they did give plenty of credit to Cube 2, but on the other hand, the license is ZLIB for Cube 2, which is one of the more free and open licenses. They just have to acknowledge that the Sandbox was not the original software, which they state on their website.

"Platinum Arts Sandbox Free 3D Game Maker is an open source easy to use standalone 3D Game Maker and 3D Game Design program currently based on the cube 2 engine"

@Project Albatross - Sounds like it could be interesting, Torque 3D is a pretty good engine, good luck!

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Heimriel Author
Heimriel - - 5 comments

Thanks for the comments, Uhm, I want to start work on building land and what not first but i'll provide like an update in a week or so, just got back from a nice break.

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