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An introduction to the project and game PARIAHS, a JRPG based on some of my favourite franchises and a project being developed in Unreal, coded completely in Blueprint

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Welcome to PARIAHS,

A project born or a number of different games and films that have inspired me over the years,and with a few projects behind me I wanted to try something on a grander scale.

PARIAHS primarily merges the game play of two of my favourite games, Persona 4 and The Legend of Dragoon, while the story is derived from other inspiration. Over the past 5 months I've built the precursors of the gameplay systems, with the battle system now being the current task at hand.


While an image doesn't how much the systems on the back end are coming together and in time the geo will be replaced with the 3 main characters.. one of which will be introduced soon.

But for now this is just a little introduction to the game and hopefully a small attention grabber, so if you want to follow the project


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