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Fall of Kobol is a total-conversion modification for Sins of a Solar Empire: Rebellion featuring Battlestar Galactica: Colonial and Cylons.

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"All of this has happened before, and all of this will happen again."
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What is Fall of Kobol?

Fall of Kobol is a total-conversion modification for Sins of a Solar Empire Rebellion based on the acclaimed Battlestar Galactica Reimagined Series.

Why doesn't Fall of Kobol play just like the TV series?

This mod attempts to recreate the BSG universe allowing you to decide the fate of the Colonies or Cylons. The events of the show are just one possibility while in the game you can decide your own fate.

How complete is the mod?

This is a fully developed mod that is constantly evolving and growing. Both the Cylon and Colonials have complete ship line-up, custom research trees, abilities, etc. Voice dialogue is also nearly complete thanks to dedicated fans of the mod.

How can others help with the mod?

I am the only modder for Sins of the Fallen and Fall of Kobol which means I've had a shit ton of help from the community over the years. If you want to make a map for the mod I'll include it. If you want to add new voice dialogue I'll include it. If you test things and find issues I try to fix it. If you can model (and hopefully texture) for the mod that's awesome. I don't actively ask for or recruit people to help with the mod as generally I found it's easier to get spurts of help from people when they themselves are interested or have the time to spare. It's also easy to help with the mod as I'll manage all the necessary integration.

How is your mod unique from other mods?

Sins of the Fallen allows for a highly configurable experience by letting you decide what parts are included in the mod. The mod is also optimized to benefit from not including certain features if you don't want them. This allows you to play without LAA and can minimize late game LAG by only including the parts you want.

I also provide "baked" versions which combines common mod parts together into a single mod folder making it easy to play Sins of the Fallen or Fall of Kobol.

Are there any AI improvements?

Yes, in fact Build 36 (assuming it authorizes) is one of my boldest attempts to enhance the AI. The AI at all levels will now research technologies versus the default sit and do nothing approach. The AI will also be better at Normal or lower levels by allowing it easier access to it's Titan after required research and fleet supply requirements are met. My goal was to make the Normal and Hard level AI's more formidable which so far I think I've done. More games will be needed to see how this approach develops.

What features do you like the most?

Interestingly, it's the Faction specific ICONS. Having 9 factions in the mod with their own Icons that fit that faction is a really cool IMO. The artifact and moon addons are also fun and have a lot of promise for future development. Also, being able to swap out militia or pirates is also a cool feature too.


Sins of the solar empirehad version update and the mod keeps crashing

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