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Let's see what is happened this week: Morphshift wars has Been tested a lot and now you can give a look at the plot and some new screenshots!

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Let's see what is happened this week:

Morphshift wars has Been tested a lot.
And I can say it is almost ready for the demo release!

Well, what exactly is MorphShift Wars?
You will never see another game as MorphShift Wars, it's a Sci-Fi action flight game like You never seen before.MorphShift wars gives you the power of decision on what is your combat strategy and prove your skills. You can customize the look and feel, and manage your weapons and aircrafts. Everything in an old fashioned "action flight" game.

MorphShift wars is open to ideas!

I'm really glad when someone proposes something he would like to see in MorphShift Wars.
I'm now offering You the occasion to propose what you would like to play!

Just go and propose here on Facebook page.(click)

Or you can follow on Twitter here(click)

Testing has begun!

The testers had a very good time while testing the demo and they really enjoyed the game.I have made some major updates and added quite more things in gameplay.
You can now explore underwater caves, fly very fast, and really feel the speed of sound!
Today we tested it all together and was beautiful to see the testers having real fun!

Let's see some screenshots:

The X-28P in the its thrust and underwater shape.

Testing demoTesting demo

The NW-6 in its thrust and underwater shape.

Testing demoTesting demo

And finally the NW-114 in its thrust and underwater shape.

Testing demoTesting demo

And a killer-whale variant

Testing demo

Some gaming screenshots:

The two demo maps and deathmatch creation.

Testing demo

Going really fast over the sea.

Testing demo

And exploring under the sea with the brand new light you can turn on to see in dark, and off to not be spotted!

Testing demo

Now A bit of history:

Year 2047:
A new kind of material has been discovered They called it NW-0xe5 or "MorphShiftingMetal". Is the only known living metal. MsM can change its behavior adapting to the environment.
This made possible to have new energy sources, but like any other technology it made possible to build powerful and deadly weapons.

A new "Gold Rush" has begun and the governments are in a head to head race to gain the more MsM as possible...

Bringing the world on the edge of destruction.

That's the End of An Era.

That's the Beginning of...

The MorphShift War!

Where is the demo?!

I know i told two weeks to go, but I'm now implementing lots of new things that are going to be revealed inside the demo itself.
You will be very happy for that!

Thanks for reading and sorry for any misspelling,
Alex Piola.

darkeccho - - 75 comments

Oooooo fantastic work :) really loving the underwater bit, can't wait for the demo to be up! ^_^

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Axe_Eel Author
Axe_Eel - - 25 comments

Thank You!
I'm really working hard and I'm really happy to see comments like this!

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Rrtaya_Tsamsiyu - - 244 comments

hmm, the description makes it sound like Ace Combat and Sky Odyssey mixed together, which would be cool...

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Axe_Eel Author
Axe_Eel - - 25 comments

Yes, mix the adventure part similar to Sky Odyssey, and someway a game style like the old Ace Combat games. Add some Sci-Fi and You got an idea of MorphShift Wars.

But there are some aspects I have added since I missed them in those games:

In Ace Combat I really missed a custom FOV. I made it in MorphShift Wars.
In Sky Odyssey I missed explosions, and firearms. MorphShift Wars got it.

Another thing You may would like to know, is that I'm planning to make it very mod friendly, so customization can go in a superior level. :)

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