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Weekly update, what's new in MorphShift Wars? free playable demo upcoming! let's see a bit of what was added and what will be added.

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Weekly update:

what's new in MorphShift Wars?

First of all I have to announce the new twitter account, where you can now find all the news and
follow step to step the development and even say what you would like to see in MorphShift Wars!


Then i must announce a free playable demo upcoming!
But first let's see a bit of what was added and what will be added.

Things added:

Scenery objects:

  • Bunkers
  • Destroyable houses
  • Destroyable factories
  • Palm trees
  • Some scenic objects like rocks and algae

Playable Objects:

  • 5 selectable aircraft skins
  • More realistic Air Air missiles
  • Improved zoomed view
  • Bot deathmatch client and score list now working
  • improved physics

Eye candies:

  • Improved DOF
  • improved terrain normal maps and shaders
  • improved underwater shader
  • improved explosion effects and physics debris
  • added underwater projectile,missile and airctaft trails

Aircrafts and paintings that will appear in the free demo:

Aircraft #1


This aircraft is bigger and slower than the others but has more energy. Good for recognition flight.

Aircraft #2


This aircraft is the fastest and lighter of the aircrafts, not easy to use. Just for top guns.

Aircraft #3


this aircraft is a "standard" in MorphShift, well balanced and beginner-friendly, but at the same time
very powerful if used by an expert. Great for closed combat.

What will be added this week:

Playable and free demo scenery:

  • Interactive aircraft carriers
  • Anti aircraft flak
  • Village
  • More scene objects

What you will see in the demo:

  • A volcanic island with interactive objects to have extra points
  • Destroyable villages
  • Selectable aircrafts and paintings
  • Single player deathmatch VS bots
  • Selectable deathmatch time
  • Selectable deathmatch max score

What needs to be tested:

  • Local and remote multi-player
  • Joystick support

What you will see in the future:

  • Single player and cooperative story mode
  • Background music (you can turn it on or off)
  • Custom filed of view
  • More aircrafts and weapons
  • More maps
  • Better GUI

What you could see in the future:

  • USB/PPM support to have fun with your RC remote controller
  • Mod friendly game structure and mod tutorials
  • Special weapons and power ups

When there will be the free demo?

I'm really working hard on this, if everything continues to go as now, the demo should be ready in7 days or if something goes wrong in about two weeks.I'm working hard to remove bugs and glitches for you to enjoy, so be patient :)

Thanks for reading, and sorry for any misspelling.

Alex Piola

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